SUTA urged to take classes, quit strike


JAMSHORO (PR): Nationalist parties and civil society of Hyderabad have urged on the ex leaders of Sindh University Teachers Association (SUTA) to take the classes instead of the politics of strikes. This was stated in a seminar held at strengthening participatory Organization (SPO) office at Hyderabad under the auspicious of civil society of the city.

Registrar Sindh University Mohammad Nawaz Narejo, Advisor to vice chancellor Zahoor Afghan, Pro vice chancellors Dr. Imdad Ali Ismaili, Anwar Ali Shah G. Syed, professor Ghulam Hussain Jareko, Ahsan Shah Rashidi and other officials participated on behalf of university of Sindh whereas acting regional director SPO Abdul Wahid Sangrasi, Punhal Sario, Zulfiqar Halepoto, Jami Chandio, Dodo Maheri, Taj Muree, Qamar Zaman Rajper, Maulana Mohammad Azam Jahangiri, Dost Mohammad Baloch, Professor Qamar Zaman Mirza, Nawaz Khan Zaor, Mahesh Kumar, Dr. Mudhtaq Phal, Ibrar Qazi, Liaqat Aziz and others from civil society and some representatives of nationalis parties also attended the seminar.

Addressing the participants, Registrar Sindh University Mohammad Nawaz Narejo said there are no any crises in the university and the educational atmosphere in the varsity is fabulous and commendable adding that tight security measures have been taken after the regrettable killing of Professor Bashir Ahmed Chanar.

He said if the ex leaders of SUTA still thinks that there are lapses of security then we invite them to join hands with us so that security might be tightened. “Not more than 7 teachers are on futile strike but let me know you the fact that all faculty members, heads of departments and deans are in favour of vice chancellor Dr. Nazir Mughal” He revealed saying that Dr. Mughal is an educational expert, leveling allegations on him means trying to deteriorate the education system of the university; we all should learn from his experiences and let him work for the betterment of this university as he is striving.

Registrar further stated: “one cannot said to be corrupt unless and until you don’t have any proof so the same thing persists in the matters of vice chancellor Dr. Mughal that SUTA does not possess any rational proof of corruption and starts leveling allegations against vice chancellor which shows the personal agenda of ex leaders of SUTA“ He added.

On the briefing of registrar, the representatives of civil society gave him big hands and urged on the ex leaders of SUTA to go to take the classes instead of making quagmires and lame excuses.

Nawaz Khan Zaor of civil society said, SUTA leaders had better opposing the vice chancellor of Sindh University for getting their personal agendas adding that we all want education to be top priority in the university.

He said keeping differences and reservations is necessary but those ought to be under a roof; we should not raise the internal issues taking to the streets.

Professor Qamar Jahan Mirza said ex president of SUTA has done his PhD from UK on the scholarship of university but since then I never saw him in the class rooms.

She further said Dr. Mughal is a man of principles and educated one with over 300 research papers.

She recalling an incident said she was taking the last paper of final year students some months back when Azhar Shah entered the class room and misbehaved with her and snatched the answers copies of students to tear them into pieces as saying that the papers will not be taken until the removal of vice chancellor adding that Mr. Azhar has personal grudges and vendetta against Dr Mughal which is unprofessional attitude of this PhD holder teacher.

Dost Mohammad Baloch, Dr. Mushtaq Phal, Mahesh Kumar, Ibrar Qazi, Zulfiqar Halepoto and others also slammed SUTA leaders behavior towards education, 25000 students and university and demanded them to take the classes.

It may be noted that after the demand of representative of civil society from SUTA to take the classes when vacations are over, the ex leader of SUTA Azhar Shah tried to hijack the seminar by making hue and cry to gain favour of the participants. On this the officials of Sindh University boycotted the seminar and walked out in protest as SUTA leaders came there with their personal resolution to pass. 

JAMSHORO: The Vice Chancellor University of Sindh Dr. Nazir A. Mughal has announced to give pensions to the retired employees of the university in advance. This announcement is made on the eve of the Eid-ul-Fitr to avert the anxieties of the pensioners.

 In a press statement issued here on Wednesday, the university spokesmen said that Dr. Nazir A. Mughal having made the announcement, has issued instructions to the concerned authority to ensure giving pensions to the pensioners before Eid-ul- Fitr so that they may celebrate Eid with their childrens.

 In another statement the spokesmen told that the Vice Chancellor Dr. Mughal had approved leave encashment for the faculty members and teachers on the pattern of Karachi University.