Karachi (PR):TDAP sponsored a trade delegation to Malaysia on July (12th -19th), 2012, comprising nine (09) leading exporters of Surgical/dental & Instruments to represent and introduce the Pakistani products to the Malaysian market. To make the visit program more meaningful ,TDAP hired a Stall in the APHM International Healthcare Conference and Exhibition held from July, (17th-19th), 2012 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia where delegates led by Surgical instruments trade association Mr Jehangir Bajwa displayed their products and met with large number of buyers / importers and importers at one place.

TDAP Chief Executive Mr. Tahir Raza Naqvi also expressed satisfaction over the delegation visit schedule and progress reported to be achieved by the delegates to Malaysia.

 Mr. Wajiullah Kundi, Pakistani Commercial Counsellor based in Kuala Lumpur  worked very effectively towards making contacts with key representatives of Malaysian Health sector organizations and in arranging interactive sessionsB2B meetings with Pakistani delegates.

The Pakistani delegates held several meeting with Malaysian stakeholders including Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DPMM), Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM), Malaysia Islamic Chamber of Commerce (DPIM), Medical Devices Bureau, Ministry of Health Government of Malaysia to explore possibilities for the export of surgical/dental instruments from Pakistan. The delegation also held separate business meetings, the prominent meetings were held with Mr. Amiruddin Abdul Sattar, Chief Operating Officer of KPJ Healthcare BHD, Mr. Aminuddin Awang, Director of Pantai Holdings Berhad, YB HJ Abdul Malik Kassim, State Minister for Religious Affairs, Domectic Trade and Consumer Affairs, State Government of Penang, and Dato’ Hj Abdul Rafique Karim, Honorary Counsel General of Pakistan to Penang. The delegation also visited leading local hospitals, including the Tawakkal Hospital and the Gleneagles Hospital.

The Malaysian market of Surgical Instruments is USD 673 million indicating a strong potential in the sector. Malaysian market possesses immense potential for the surgical industry of Pakistan and the moment. Then SIMAP Chairman told that there is about Rs 20 capital investment in the industry and about 2500 SMEs are in operation. The industry produces about 110 million instruments annually providing employment 110 million workers. Due to sophistication and skilled craftsmanship, the instruments export markets are in United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Italy, Japan, etc.       

Earlier ,the Pakistan Ambassador Masood Khalid invited major Malaysian healthcare group M/S KPG healthcare Chairman and briefed him that Pakistani surgical and dental instruments were known throughout the world for their competitiveness, effectiveness and durability and would provide a convenient source of supply for Malaysian health sector ,the Group Chairman showed willing to receive Pakistan delegation and assured their full support in arranging  meetings with key departments .It was due to this commitment that Delegates were warmly received and attended in all meetings .

Surgical Trade Association (SIMAP) Chairman Mr. Jahangir Bajwa, on return expressed complete satisfaction on the levels of meetings held and told   orders have also been received by delegates. Mr. Wajiullah Kundi, Commercial Counsellor, Malaysia was very instrumental in coordinating meetings and facilitating delegates at every moment.

This TDAP sponsored delegation, as group and on individual level, exhibited high sense of professionalism, discipline and dedication, punctuality and was ably led by the Chairman, who ensured equal opportunity to all delegates to promote their products at TDAP stall.