Karachi (Staff Reporter): Trade Development Authority Pakistan (TDAP) is on the way to finally have become an autonomous body and the greatest challenge it faces is keeping its various departments free of corrupt officials. The mafia has grown bold over the years. They assist each other in eating the chunk of the pie together. As you peel an onion the multi layered facets come into play. The main game in expo Pakistan where tenders are manipulated to suit themselves and the budget is distributed in fair manner down the line. The fashion show is the culmination point where pet boy works as a catalyst in providing young models to specific Director Generals to achieve his aims as regards the work for the show 35,000,000, or getting the tender every year for the uniforms of the volunteers worth Rs; 400,000/- every year.

The official handling the expo center makes hay while the sun shines. He along with officials from admin makes a packet in finalizing the tender for billboards throughout the city of Karachi as well as other cities of Pakistan. Last but the least he does not let the opportunity go by in selling the stalls Rs: 10,000 and 15,000 with the help of cooperative colleagues. These are those stalls that are made as 50% of the handicraft hall in filled while 50% starts to get filled on the day of expo and onwards. There normal charges are Rs: 50,000/- for developmental stalls and Rs: 75,000/- for developed stalls. Some stalls that were given free to Karachi Chamber of Commerce, the madam who is reigning queen for the last 6-8 years defies all morality and sells it to her women entrepreneurs. She even lynches these grass root women entrepreneurs of their meager resources. When she takes them  for an exhibition to South Africa a group of 8-10 women.

The soft launch was an exercise to tap the sponsors two weeks before the Expo event, but the result was further expenses also without tendering M/S Yasmeen of concept was taken to as the event management at Port Grand, a grand venue which charge Rs: 300,000,000 as a fee. Banks and diplomats were invited, but in all it a few banks came and a few pitched in.

Mr. Rizwan officer recently posted to Geneva as Commercial Consular, was

hand and glare with previous CEO Mr. Tariq Puri exploiting the life style exhibition by hiring J.S. and paying a huge sum for event management etc and also designating the pet boy of the organization to do nefarious jobs as well as the hiring of Sidra Iqbal for press handling and P.R. in India and paying her a whopping Rs: 22,000/- and with no press coverage to show in Pakistan.

It is unfortunate that for the sincere officers in TDAP there is not a sufficient salary packages with medical insurance or other related benefits. Promotions are given to their favorites and nepotism is the order of the day. Recently four favorites got promoted who have greatly assisted or utilized public funds or forwarded to the officials and ministers etc.