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The majority of graduates are working and living in Pakistan, Dr. Shafi noted, and they are helping to improve the quality of health and education for the public. For example, 80 percent of nursing schools with recognized degree programs are led by alumni of the University’s School of Nursing and Midwifery. Chicago Agha Khan University

Both Dr. Shafi and Dr. Haider pointed to AKU’s leadership during the pandemic. The University has developed national guidelines for treating COVID-19 patients, trained thousands of doctors and nurses in government hospitals, and provided high-quality care, testing, and vaccination for countless people. It has been a key adviser to top government officials, with AKU faculty members serving on numerous provincial and national health committees, including the National Institute of Health, the nation’s top public health body. Clinical trials at AKU helped demonstrate the safety of a COVID-19 vaccine that is now being widely distributed in Pakistan. Chicago Agha Khan University Chicago Agha Khan University

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