The aim of Stars Women’s Hockey Academy is to promote women’s hockey in Jacobabad – Erum Baloch


Jacobabad:(PR) According to the press release, Hockey Lovers Series Organizer Erum Baloch Founder Stars Women’s Hockey Academy Jacobabad has Organized a match in which all the players of the academy were divided into two teams one team was Larkana Heroes vs Jacobabad Tigers and Jacobabad Tigers won the series. The aim of the series was to give a chance to all the players playing in the academy to perform. She said that women should take a full part in the national game of hockey for the betterment of the national hockey game.

The government and charities should cooperate with the Stars Women’s Hockey Academy so that women aspiring for hockey can move forward. Founder of Stars Women’s Hockey Academy

Steps need to be taken to make the national game of hockey the best sport in the country. She said that the Stars Women’s Hockey Academy aims to give a chance to women players so that women can participate in every hockey game just like men and make our country proud. Talented women can advance in every field but it is also important to work hard. Ms. Erum Baloch, the founder of Stars Women’s Hockey Academy, said in a press statement with IGTM that hockey is our national game and we love our national game. There is no hockey ground in Jacobabad but our passion for playing is still high and will always be high. Therefore, It is demanded from the present government to take important steps for a better future for women associated with the national game so that women hockey players associated with the national sport could set an example for the country and the nation.

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