The appointment of Himayat Shah as DEO Charsadda is an important step for the Education Dept.


Charsadda:(By Ikramuddin): According to the International Global Times Media Report, The appointment of Himayat Shah as District Education Officer Charsadda is an important step for the provincial government and the Education Department. He is a competent and honest officer. The Department of Education can be on the path of development because of such competent and honest officers. He has always stressed to the teachers that the student is the most important asset of the country. The teachers should play an important role in the education of the students so that the students can have a bright future through education. Himayat Shah has always solved the problems of the teachers in a timely manner which is a source of pride for the teachers.

District Education Officer Charsadda Himayat Shah said in a press statement with Global Times newspaper that the Coronavirus is on the rise in Pakistan which is quite an alarming situation, Therefore Students must use safety Masks in order to Prevent deadly coronavirus.

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