The Bill Gates to visit Oslo to meet Norwegian business leaders


(By Oslo Norway Dr Tanveer Ahmed): The next Friday the 15th November, namely Gates keynote at the liberal think tank Civita invites to breakfast meeting at Cafe Christiania in Oslo. Theme of the day is The world’s richest man, Microsoft man Bill Gates, has invited himself to Oslo to meet Norwegian business leaders at the end of the next week.. how private investment can be a tool for development in poor countries. Civita leader Kristin Clemetsdotter said it was Gates himself who asked to come. He’s going to Norway and have some meetings here in town that day and wanted in connection with having a public arena or two as well. It was Civita, plus I know there is talk of a visit to the university, says like that.

The Bill Gates Foundation earlier, and the request came from there via-via some Norwegian contacts, said the former minister. Bill Gates has been in Norway before, and in this connection has made many contacts in the country, says Clemetsdotter. In late summer, Gates was on an extended holiday visit this country, where he visited the Southern and Sunnmøre . In this connection, the Crown Princess hosted Microsoft founder and philanthropist. Under the current active conference in Oslo just got Crown Prince Haakon with praise of Gates , who according to Bloomberg has gone past Mexican Carlos Slim and again become the world’s richest man. Gates is reportedly good for $ 72.7 billion. This corresponds well 422 billion Norwegian kroner. The theme of the breakfast meeting next Friday commercial investment as a tool for development in poor countries. In connection with his recent visit to the country,praised Gates Norway’s efforts precisely in the development sector .Mown state secretary in the ministry of finance,brokerage star Jon Gunnar Pedersen (H) , will also launch.

The panel will also chair Anne-Marie Helland in the NCA. In the breakfast meeting invitation from Civita states including “When and how should the private sector invest more to build up under this agenda, and what role should governments play Norway in this field. Theme investments as a tool for development is applicable for many reasons, says Kristin Clemetsdotter. The several players in the development field in Norway, and both Gates and businesses in Norway are very interested in the topic. Clemetsdotter says Civita is pleased to have the world’s richest man for a visit, but stresses that there are interesting themes, not greats, one wants. The statsminsitere, ministers, EU commissioners and people at a high level here before. It is interesting opinions, not posisojner we are looking for. The Bill Gates will also visit the University of Oslo (UiO). it’s fantastic nice that he has interest in our university and that he comes here, he says. On the basis of the correspondence I have the impression Gates choose his university because he wants to meet students and future leaders, says Ottersen. UiO Rector says that Gates will discuss the major challenges of global health.The Norway he perceives that Norwegian authorities are aware of global health, and what goes on health inequalities in the world, continues Ottersen.