The children enjoying at Sindbad Superstar Sunday brunch.


KARACHI : Sindbad, one of Karachi’s most well known indoor amusement centers for children, recently celebrated day one of Super Star Sindbad.

The Sindbad Superstar event was a unique initiative to support learning through play amongst young children and students. Sindbad, easily Pakistan’s largest and most popular indoor entertainment area for children, has revived an exciting and innovative program through which learning through play is being encouraged.

“This tradition used to exist many many years ago,” said Sidra Nadeem, director of Sindbad, “but then it was discontinued. By restarting this tradition, we plan to once again instill in children a love for learning through play.”

The Super Star program was held in 7 schools this year, and teachers from each school were asked to nominate Super Stars from this school who excelled at extra curricular activities as well as academics.

The ceremony was spread over two Sundays. On the first Sunday, students from The City School, KN Academy, Happy Palace school to Sindbad’s mega facility located at Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road. The Sindbad facility located at Dolmen Mall on Tariq Road is a mega facility with a huge number of coin rides and other games, including a huge variety of toddler rides.

The ceremony was conducted in the Dolmen Mall Tariq Road party room, with the parents of the excited children along with some teachers from the concerned schools.

Miss. Marium Raheel, principal of The City School, Johar campus, was the guest of honor on day one. Speaking at the occasion, Miss. Raheel spoke about the importance of play in a child’s life. “While it’s important to ensure that children learn in the classroom, it is just as important to make sure that children also learn through play,” she said. “This is why events such as this one are extremely important in instilling in children a love for play and such activities.”

The 50 bright students were invited to Sindbad located at Dolmen, Tariq Road. Each Super Star was awarded with a Superstar shields, goodie bags, and free playland coins in the ceremony.

The Sindbad Superstar event was a lively and fun event. Each student was given a chance to come to the rostrum to receive their award, and get their photograph taken.

Sidra Nadeem, director of Sindbad, said she wanted to see the Superstar activity grow by leaps and bounds until the popularity of the event grows to many more schools.