The Designers Multi-brand Store celebrates Ramadan in Dubai with a 3 day fashion extravaganza


DUBAI: With the opening of the first ever multi-brand store exhibiting solely Pakistani designers in the UAE, renowned fashion retailer Asad Tareen has launched a new dimension in the expansion of Pakistani fashion abroad. Now, residents of UAE can enjoy high end Pakistani designer wear at their doorstep and have access to latest designs by top designers such as Rizwan Beyg, Umar Sayeed, Nomi Ansari, Karma, Mehdi and others.

“The Designers multi-brand store is one of the pioneers in the industry of fashion retail, and has been setting new standards since the beginning,” said Asad Tareen, the CEO of The Designers multi-brand store, which now operates from three separate locations in Karachi, Islamabad and Dubai respectively. The Designers multibrand store in Karachi was the first such store of its kind, and introduced women in Karachi to the concept of shopping for multiple brands under one roof.

The Designers multibrand store began from a small location at Zamzama, where they began with only three Lahore-based designers. In a couple of years alone, The Designers multibrand store has expanded to include almost 50 designers, with many of the biggest names in the industry under his patronage.

“Having expanded in Pakistan, I am now keen to promote Pakistani fashion designers abroad and this Dubai store is just the first step in this direction,” said Asad Tareen. “I am hoping to open up more international stores focusing on Pakistani fashion designers.”

The Designers multi-brand store in Dubai is a one-stop shop for top Pakistani

designer brands such as Mohsin Ali, Sonya Battla, Umar Sayeed, Rizwan Beyg, Karma and others. The 4,000 square foot store is centrally located near Emirates Hill in JBL and has a spacious exhibition and display area. The store stocks clothes, accessories, shoes, hand bags and more.

Only a few weeks after the much hyped about launch of The Designers multibrand store in Dubai, Asad Tareen is now planning a fashion fiesta at his Dubai store. Amongst the participating designers are Body Focus Museum, Ayesha Hashwani, Zaheer Abbas, Mehdi, Zainab Sajid, Kamiar Rokni and relative newcomers such as Uzma Hai and Saira Rizwan.

Uzma Hai, who has been doing exhibitions in Karachi and Lahore regularly, is very excited about the Dubai event. This will be the first time she will be doing an event at The Designers multi-brand store.

“I think the UAE is a great market for fashion designers from Pakistan, and I am very excited about this opportunity. I think this is the right time to tap the UAE market, because with Eid coming up and the wedding season beginning women in Dubai are bound to be in a shopping mood,” said Uzma Hai, who is taking a formal and semi-formal collection to Dubai. Uzma Hai’s clothes are based on multiple chiffons, delicate embellishments and asymmetric lengths.  

Saira Rizwan, a Lahore-based designer, who is participating in this event will be sending her range of semi-formal and formal clothing to Dubai.

“My complete collection is based on the use of Moroccan influences and motifs,” said Saira Rizwan, whose latest collection is very modern and contemporary, a huge difference from her last collection which was completely ethnic and traditional. “I think this collection will appeal to women who are looking for clothes that are a good mix of the east and the west.”

The festivities will kick off with a red carpet night on the 8th of August from 9pm onwards, with socialites and media in full attendance. The event’s PR in UAE is being managed by Aamir Mazhar while in Pakistan, the PR is being managed by Voila PR. The event will be covered by leading channel “Style 360” as they are the media partners of the event.

The Designers Multi Brand store aims to be the quintessential shop in the Gulf Region with something to taste every woman’s taste: the Dubai outlet houses more than 30 designers, and plans to expand to include home accessories, a wider range of jewelry and possibly even furniture.

Given Asad Tareen’s reputation as a man who understands fashion retail, multiple designers jumped on board when The Designers multibrand store was announced for Dubai. This Ramadan fashion fiesta is just one of the many events The Designers has planned for Dubai, where they have charted out a complete calendar of events for this year.

About The Designers Multi Brand Store

The Designers Multi Brand Store in Islamabad is the premier multibrand store. Besides their flagship location in Karachi, The Designers have also opened a store in Dubai. “Our aim is to give a better buying power to the customer. Taking a designer on board new or established, our aim is to bring the latest collection to our clients, right off-the-ramp from the most recent fashion shows all under one roof”.  Stated Asad Tareen CEO of The Designers Multi Brand Store.