The First lady of North Korea was pictured with Dior pouch every eyes across the world opened widely and ears stood up in curiosity


By: Atlas Burni,
Freelance Journalist
From U K

Karachi: It couldn’t stop me from writing when I first got to know what is going on with people these days while surfing Internet. This article is meant for highlighting how people are snatched away their basic rights, necessities, while the powerful enjoy their life’s ignoring the ones who gave them that place.

With a soft leather quilting and signature silver tags, a Christian Dior handbag give a glimpse of most luxurious culture from the west.

When Ri Sol-ju the first lady of North Korea was pictured with Dior pouch every eyes across the world opened widely and ears stood up in curiosity.

The country whose economy is in dire straits and where massive number of people starve to death since a famine hit in 1990’s but the state of dictatorship rulers lead a lavish lifestyle with abundance of wealth.

It is unclear whether the bag is imitated or real but a news paper in South Korea mentions it of pound 1,017. She is also found wearing Tiffany necklaces and Movado watches worth $1600, $4300 and $1,100 respectively.

Ri Sol Ju is now said to be the wife of the youngest leader Kim Jong un and mother of his two years old baby, she was born in Pyongyang  in 1989 and is a former pop singer, graduated from Kumsung Second Middle school after which she went to China to study vocal music.

Her achievements as a singer includes: it is said that she made her debut in Moranbong band’s concert in the hope of showing off her ascension to the wife of the supreme leader, after some time she is said to be the lead singer with Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble.

According to another news report at home and abroad as well as outside observers, she participated in international events including UNESCO Children’s Arts Festival of East Asia (Fukuoka, in July 2002) and the 16th Asian Athletics Championship (Inch eon, in September 2005) and inter-Korean exchange programs.

However, according to many as a wife of leader of a country with poor economic situation Ri’s behaviour is a bit immature or rather irresponsible and one of the biggest question is raised on her lifestyle comparing it with the local population of the country. 

It is being reported that at a time when North Korean state media devoted extensive coverage to flood damage, Ri sol ju seemed oblivious to her surrounding as she accompanied Kim Jong un in a public appearance with her arms wrapped around and laughing out loud. This shows that she has not grasped the magnitude of her post and responsibilities that it entails.

The attractive young lady have been found and photographed in a series of sophisticated outfits from the privileged class kind which reminds of Kate Middleton and Carla Bruni, but the way she carries out her dresses revealed that she is self centered and having less knowledge of choosing the right outfit for the right occasion.

This gives birth to relaxing clothing rules for women in  Pyongyang as an increasing number of women have started wearing miniskirts with accessories and skinny jeans along with high heels, which earlier was not allowed.

It is said that if the security officers attempt to clamp down on clothing, women find it offensive and often say that: ‘are commoners like us forbidden to dress like Ri Sol ju? the officers often complained that they lost the grounds on which they could regulate women’s way of dressing.

Ri Sol ju is not the only lady having a lavish life while country suffering poorly the list includes many along with Grace Mugabe wife of Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe.

In 2010 US diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks brought up allegations of generating millions of dollars of personal income by creating a team of diggers to extract diamonds from Chiadzwa mine in east Zimbabwe, which included high ranking government officials, elites and Grace Mugabe.

The story doesn’t end up here Grace is also known for her lavish lifestyle as she reportedly spent pound 75,000 in a short shopping spree and has withdrawn over pound 5 million from the central bank of Zimbabwe.

EU parliamentarian once said after the sanctions that the ban would: ‘stop Grace Mugabe going on her shopping trips in the face of catastrophic poverty blighting the people of Zimbabwe.’

Hence, there are a few more examples of wealthy leaders and their families but their country’s having maximum of $ 1,317 GDP per Capital (as of 2011), which is quite a shame and a slap to human rights and equality.

However, there are countries where the wives of the leaders play active role to help improve the economy and help their people as much as they can, and taking extra care of their personal expenses. Countries like Niger and Uganda.

To wrap it up, North Korean has built in a positive image of Ri so that she could be accepted in the worlds eye and putting a shield over such immature behavior. The North has tactfully done this so that the population see her as a positive figure but the economic situation is a cause to point fingers and its is a considerable issue.