The huge fire is out of control in north Norway.


(Oslo Norway – By Dr Tanveer Ahmed): A  fire is under control  in Nord-Trøndelag 100 house in danger. The fire department has withdrawn due to adverse conditions. It burns in buildings in Hasvåg. The fire department was on site, but due to heavy smoke and strong winds have the fire department had to pull out, says operations manager Johnny Olsen in Nord-Trøndelag Police District told VG just before eight o’clock Tuesday morning. The fire department was at 07 o’clock Tuesday morning in Hasvåg to try to limit the damage. They later had to withdraw.  There are about ten houses in the village, says Olsen.  It is quite possible that the fire from spreading, he said. The police was notified of heath fire 2230 Monday night. We are talking about an area of ??15 square kilometers that is exposed. There are dramatic at the highest level. It burns in the settlement of Hasvåg. We do not know how many houses in question as it has been difficult to reach, Olav Jørgen Bjørkås, mayor of the municipality of Flatanger VG, just before 09.00 on Tuesday.  Firefighters from four municipalities in the night battling the flames. He says that blowing wind / gale force at the site, which hampers firefighters. We have had an immense fire power, about 35 firefighters have been out in the night. We get reinforcements from civil defense. The fire helicopter in place when it brightens, but it depends on the weather conditions, says Bjørkås. We got control on the side of the fire, but the front is so wide that it is impossible to control. It is several kilometers wide, he said.  According to Norwegian is between 80 and 100 homes in danger of being devoured by the flames. The fire is out of control, says operations Olsen VG just after 7:00 Tuesday morning. Ole Martin Dahle working as a photographer in Flat Hallangen, and now stands at a height of Kvaløysæter.  I stand and look out over the mountain side in the fire, he told VG. The fire department is now working intensely with firefighting throughout the island. The police was notified of the fire 22.30 on Monday evening. 20 residents in areas Småværet and Hasvåg were evacuated and transported to Drageid school camp, located nearby. Frits Swim from Steinkjer’s cottage in Småværet located just off Hasvåg. He has been in contact with people who are evacuated to Drageid school camps. They stood on a hill and looked helplessly down at the flames struck the Hasvåg, says bathing. Småværet, where bathing has cabin, located just near Hasvåg. Dressing says he is preparing the cabin burns down. There is still a risk that the fire spreading to the buildings. There are an awful lot of smoke and strong winds in the area, so it is difficult for firefighters to get into. When daylight comes they receive assistance from fire helicopter, said Olsen. It also made efforts to prevent the spread of the east side of the peninsula. Tuesday morning we are working to evacuate horses from a farm here.