The Hurricane “Xaver” great damage in Austria.


Wiene, Austria (By Muhammad Aslam): Austria Vienna – The hurricane “Xaver” has caused great damage in Austria. In Salzburg, the Christmas tree is bent over on Residence Square. In Upper Austria the traffic was in chaos. In Styria, the Southern Railway was interrupted. Late night Friday snapped a gust audited there at the Salzburg Residence Square, impressive Christmas tree of 21 meters height. On Saturday there were traffic problems in Upper Austria. Several truck accidents were registered in Styria. The guests of the traditional Salzburg Christmas Market had in any case do not require large Christmas tree on the weekend. A squall had the 21-meter-high spruce on the Residence Square on Friday so bent against 22.40 clock, that she got a about four meters long crack and therefore had to be removed in the night, nor the safety of the fire brigade. Wolfgang Haider, chairman of the association Salzburg Christmas market, witnessed the incident. The intense low “Xaver” has slowed down the traffic belonging to Saturday in Upper Austria. The most serious incident was Friday afternoon series accidents on the Western Highway (A1), which claimed a total of twelve wounded. The highway and several roads were blocked. Also a railway line was broken. According to a review of the police Saturday were early to the series of accidents in a snow storm on Friday afternoon on the carriageway Vienna and shortly thereafter involved because of onlookers on the opposite lane in the municipality of Straß in district Vöcklabruck total of 35 cars and six trucks. Twelve people were injured, two of them seriously. The emergency helicopter “Christophorus 10” flew a 30-year-old truck driver from Lower Austria for treatment in the hospital catfish. The other gave the rescue in the state hospitals Gmunden and Vöcklabruck. The Red Cross was more than 60 helpers in use. In all parts of the country roads were due on the road of fallen trees, packed snow or heavy vehicles have been ‘stuck either completely blocked or passable for trucks with chains.The Salzkammergutbahn was interrupted by a damage to the overhead line between the upper Traun and Bad Aussee. The ÖBB also initiated a rail replacement bus service. Winter driving conditions on top Irish roads had caused in Styria for body damage and injuries in the night on Saturday. Among the handlebars accident, a drunken 56-year-old truck driver was that he came with his tractor from the A9, the Pyhrnautobahn, from.Both diesel tanks tore up the process and fuel got into the ground, police said.The Romanian driver had the adverse weather conditions, according to the investigating officers probably underestimated: he slid into the forest at Schoberpaß (district of Leoben) to 22.20 clock on snow-covered road and in heavy squalls from the road, broke through the guardrail and landed in the ditch. A test brought about one per mille of alcohol in the blood.There were in the region even more truck accidents