The mafia brigade of Trade Development Authority Pakistan


Karachi (enews Report):Jung came out with an

interesting piece of news on Sunday that 5 consultant of TDAP that were hired recently on the request of Minister Amin Fahim have been asked to leave, while three older consultants serving last 4 years till up to date in the head office of TDAP also had their contract terminated. Surprisingly enough the consultant pharma DR. NIGHAT ALI hired at the same time has been retained. THE CONSULTANT in name only KHALID Mustafa came regularly to

collect his cheque and was related to the

Minister. The other two were on merit, except ex-ambassador Zafar Sheikh, who was a batch mate of the secretary in 2009. The question is that to what extreme is all this allowed?  There are individuals retaining positions for over 15-20 years, when there tenure is over. Or for that matter how can Anis Alam be promoted as a Director General (DG) in grade 19 only? Mediocrity and unqualified individuals have mainly been inducted and promoted. The individual’s selected on their own merit due to their qualifications and experiences are either side-lined or imposed with excessive blockage on files or have to deal with management issues. Projects that can develop a sector are usually trashed.

M Anis Alam who has a history of NRO with the PPP government and has evaded F.I.A many a time. BY now he has acquired robust health where he cannot see before his chin and his and is a picture of prosperity. By working as DG ADMIN & INC he has learned the art of being shrewd on tender’s and contracts of renovation etc. He even assisted TARIQ PURI IN OPENING A SPECIAL ACCOUNT FOR INTEREST ON A LARGE AMOUNT SANCTIONED BY THE EMDF FOR EXPORTERS SUIBSIDIES. THIS AMOUNT MUST HAVE GROWN.

There are those who have recently been promoted as directors and greatly enjoy the working on billboards during the expo, and stalls sales at amounts only known to them. He is given a free hand by the TDAP. Even women entrepreneurs have to book stalls at the cost of RS. 50,000 minimum while some wait as they say that we will get it for less than half price nearing the date of EXPO

ASAD QURESHI the man is another story! He is very much part of this mafia brigade and stashing cold cash on computer equipment whenever the opportunity arises. Not to say the least ATIF AZIZ, so to two CEOs availed many foreign trips and was excellent on perfecting his PR AND was a major deterrence for those who wanted to have a meeting with the CHIEF EXECUTIVE. They went away cursing, giving TDAP a bad image.  He also specialized in showing files only of the mafia brigade. THE OLD ENGLISH SYSTEM TODAY SEEMS TO HAVE GOT MANY HOLES NOW AS CERTAIN SHALLOW OFFICERS SEEM TO BE THE ORDER OF THE DAY AND MUCH IN DEMAND BY THEIR SENIORS.