The modern railway high speed built from Norway to Sweden only 75 minutes


(Oslo Norway By Dr Tanveer Ahmed): Oslo Norway – In Oslo and Gothenburg they dream that stretch today is a feat of Tom to run for three hours and 43 minutes, will be completed in an hour and 15 minutes. The idea of ??high-speed trains between major cities in Norway as an alternative to flying was buried in the debate for speed assessment two years ago. Although some of the routes would have been more moderate investment, the total math on huge 1000 billion.The path between Oslo and Gothenburg would come “only” 66 billion – the cheapest of all sections – received little attention in the national media. The bullet train would also provide the best economics, with a benefit that was close to the parts of the new intercity triangle.The train driver Vibeto gives what he can of gas. The train is really a top speed of 210 km / h, the same as the express train. But on the Norwegian side has Vibeto an average speed of 68 km / h. A number of times he must lose speed through Follo and Østfold. Not only in and around the cities but also in rural areas. In the banquet hall of the town hall of Oslo city council Stian Berger Røsland invited to conference on a big vision: The development of modern railway between Oslo, Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen. A bullet train that connects eight million people together in a common labor market region – at an extremely competitive so-called metaby.

While this connects the Norwegian capital of the European transport network, as it now comes bullet train to Germany from Copenhagen. Nordic-speed fans are frustrated – much as Norwegian national politicians enough once threw rail link to Europe out of the national transport, the next ten years plan for investments in Norwegian transport. Every time we discuss this question, the greater the frustration. We have money. We have not had the same crisis as the rest of Europe. We are efficient and good at planning. But it is the politicians that shorting this project, says council mayor of Gothenburg, Anneli Hulthén. Osmund Ueland get today’s biggest applause when he said that the time has come to start what he calls “wonderful project. At the very least Intercity project include planning of high-speed all the way to Gothenburg. It would cost next year’s budget 110 million, according to Ueland. A rather long stop in Halden conductor Silla Ekstrøm (right) before the Regional train between Oslo and Gothenburg can continue in Sweden. Many people use the regional train between Oslo and Gothenburg as commuter around the two big cities.