The Northern Lights in Norway is the most spectacular sights in the world.


Oslo, Norway (By Ahmed Tanveer): – There are three ways to enjoy a winter holiday in northern Norway.  The Northern Lights have to be Norway’s most spectacular natural phenomena and up north is one of the best places in the world to watch the sky show. Most visible from December to March each year, clear skies are your best chance to catch the lights in their full color glory. Best places are the higher you go North and away from cities and include Svalbard up to the North Cape. There are few phenomena that capture the imagination like the aurora borealis and lucky star-gazers can witness anything from an ethereal green glow on the horizon to pulsating scarlet streaks across the sky. Norwegian coast, visiting 34 ports between Bergen and Kirkenes and giving a unique perspective on Norwegian life, they also make great platforms for viewing the Northern Lights.The Lights are strongest, and you stand a good chance of seeing them several times. In fact, the chances are so good that if they don’t show at all during a full, 12-day cruise between October and March. The Northern Lights are among the most extraordinary natural phenomena on Earth. Tromsø is one of the best bases for exploring the Northern Lights. The city is a friendly place with a superb collection of polar culture and history, museums, shops, restaurants and excellent access to the great outdoors. Tromsø is set in the very centre of the Arctic’s most majestic wilderness. The city is surrounded by mountains and beautiful, sprawling fjords a natural landscape that can be admired right from your hotel room or from the downtown streets.