The Norway Airport launch world’s first dog-sled taxi service


(Norway Oslo By Dr Tanveer Ahmed)– The  world’s first dog sled taxi service launch to pick the guest up from the nearby kirkenes Airport. The snow hotel are offering a one-of-a-kind service to its guests is the Kirkenes Snowhotel in Norway. Sure to be a hit among animal-lovers, tourists who land at the airport will be provided a thermal suit and allowed to spend some time to get to know their canine companions before embarking on a 45-minute ride through the snowy pathways. Each sled is guided by eight Alaskan huskies, and will cost the guests around $372.The hotel is home to 200 sled dogs so there’s plenty of time for guests to get to know the friendly mutts a little better over the course of their vacation through tours, wilderness trips, and even lessons on dog sledding. The Kirkenes Snowhotel also offers other unique, fun activities including ice fishing, show-shoeing, and the chance to feed reindeers.

The dog sled taxi service comes in place with prior approvals of the local municipality and the environmental authority that oversees reindeer and other wildlife in the region. Because of the proximity of the airport to the Russian border, even the Norwegian defense services needed to get involved in the project’s approval. A dog sled picked up the first two passengers from Kirkenes Airport on Wednesday morning, taking them  trek through the snow to the nearby Kirkenes Snow Hotel. It was a fantastic trip back ,”  said Ronny Østrem, the hotel’s chief executive and the driving force behind the idea. “We met a hudnred reindeer on the way back as we were driving south, and we had he sun right in our nose. It really felt good to get started.To launch the service,  the first of its kind in Norway, the hotel needed to secure the backing of Norway’s defence services, the local municipality, and the authority that oversees  reindeer in the region. Hopefully in a few weeks, we will offer this as an exclusive transfer from the airport, directly to our snow hotel, and it’s going to be offered for everyone,” Østrem continued. He said he hoped that the service would encourage more tourists to come to Kirkenes.