The Oslo Airport start eight high-speed Express train.


(Norway Oslo By Dr Tanveer Ahmed)– The Airport traffic is expected to increase by five million passengers by 2017. To take away passenger growth plans Airport Express to purchase eight new train sets.There are already too few seats on morning and afternoon, go to the procurement of additional trains will we be able to offer more seats on the busiest departures, while we will be able to handle the expected growth in the future, says Hans Kristensen, director of security engineering, and chair of the steering committee which is responsible for procurement of new trains.   On Wednesday 5 February, Airport Express out a bid request on the eight trains. The request contains a number of functional requirements which include a maximum speed of at least 210 km / h, minimum 236 seats per train and universal design. Requirements for travel time between Oslo Central Station and Oslo Airport shall remain unchanged and shall not exceed 19 minutes. The High-speed trains that bring passengers to and from Oslo Airport. Currently has a permitted maximum speed of 210 km / h 19 minutes from Oslo Central Station and Oslo Airport. From 2004, an independent company directly under the Trade and Industry Ministry. Going every 10 minutes from Oslo Central Station and Oslo Airport, and every 20 minutes from Drammen.  We have already received inquiries from several train manufacturer who is interested in the mission, says Kristensen. He says the Airport Express not seen out any particular type of train, but it will not be necessary with the same train type as the current trains.The trains in today was a one-off production, so they are not. But there are many good types of trains in the market. We are looking for multiple units in use elsewhere, and that is put into production, we are not looking to develop new trains, says Kristensen.

Today’s trains on the Airport Express Train has been in use for 16 years. It is half the expected service life, says Kristensen. He said 16 of the 16 trains in use three days a week, the remaining four days, 15 of trains in operation. We must allow for some more upgrades and maintenance of trains ahead, so we are completely dependent on the new train sets to continue to deliver as we do today, he said. Airport Express expects to spend about a billion dollars on the eight new trains, and several vendors have already expressed interest. Bærø says that Siemens has several trains that fit under the Airport Express Train specifications. High speed train ICx should fit nicely to the task. It has a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour, provided the requirements of universal design, and seats can be adapted to the customer’s request, he explains. ICx developed for Deutsche Bahn. The first trains will be completed in the spring of 2014.Also Alstom considering the Airport Express Train request that interesting. We follow very interested in the process of purchasing new airport train, says Carl Aage Bjørgan Alstom. He also confirms that Alstom has multiple units that fit under the Airport Express Train specifications. We have a high-speed train that goes up to 360 kilometers per hour, and has supplied trains to Arlanda Express airport train, he said. Airport Express hopes to conclude an agreement with a supplier in 2014, saw the first trains could be ready for testing in spring 2016.