The President of US OPIC briefed Pakistan’s Business Community on Investment Offers.


A view of businss community participating OPIC briefing on investment and financing offers on thursday in a local hotel

Karachi (PR): Ms Elizabeth Little field, President and Chief Executive Officer of OPIC (US Overseas Private Investment Corporation) and Mr Richard Olson, United States Ambassador to Pakistan visited Karachi and met with business community during a briefing session on ““Mobilizing Private Capital for Growth in Pakistan” organized by US Consulate in collaboration with Trade Development Authority of Pakistan and the Sindh Board of Investment. OPIC offers investment & financing to Pakistani companies focused on infrastructure development, sustainable energy & other value added projects. The financing also covers small & medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Ms. Rabiya Javeri Agha-Secretary TDAP kicked off the session stating that Pakistan needs investment to cope with quality infrastructure& energy infrastructure challenges. She said that Pakistan faces numerous challenges in the development of sustainable energy generation, new nuclear carbon capture storage & renewable energy.She hoped that OPIC investment would help mobilize private capital to solve critical challenges & to catalyze jobs opportunities in Pakistan.

She also highlighted the role of TDAP in enhancing trade through investment promotion events & thanked the US Consul General of USA in Karachi in coordinating with TDAP to host GSP sessions which were directly broadcast from USA. She requested the US mission to use their good offices with US department of Commerce in Washington DC, USA to allow for more Pakistan made products to be included on the list of zero duty entry into USA.

US Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olson, OPIC President Elizabeth l littlefield, Ms Rabiya Javeri Agha Secretary TDAP and chief Executive TDAP during OPIC briefing on JULY 18th on investment offers to Pakistani companies

Ms. Elizabeth L. Little field briefed Pakistani business community about the details of OPIC products& explained the parameters for such projects. Little field said that OPIC is working in more than 100 countries and it directs & guarantees loans for all kind of projects ranging from US$ 2 million to US$ 40 million. She mentioned that OPIC is already funding various expansion of Agha Khan University hospital for expansion besides, sapphire project and other Bio-Mass energy project.

On this occasion, The US Ambassador to Pakistan also assured Pakistani investors of the continued support of the US Government.He mentioned that after the Dubai Investment Conference, US$ 48 million was established as seed money for Public Private Partnership projects.

Mr. Zubair Motiwala -Chairman, Sindh Board of Investment introduced OPIC President to the audience & highlighted the significance of the OPIC visit to Pakistan which will positively influence foreign direct investment in Pakistan’s key sectors.

Secretary TDAP &Chairman SBI proposed holding road shows in USA to highlight feasible projects in Pakistan to gain the attention of US investors and promote Pakistan-US investor business relations.

Renowned businessmen, chairmen & CEOs of major companies attended &demonstrating their confidence and expectations to establish business relationship with US investors for development of new growth projects.

TDAP & SBI assured the OPIC team to extend their full support to investment oriented projects & flows of FDI into Pakistan.