The Razmatazz of the Dazzle Park Project – TDAP


Karachi (Staff Reporter):The invitation was

for 11 am on a hot and sultry Sunday afternoon to celebrate and announce the  foundation stone laying by Minister Amin Fahim and Ex-CEO Abid Javed Akbar for the much awaited Dazzale Park Project that took almost 11-12 years to be reignited to completion.  The main man behind this idea was Tariq Ikram during the Musharraf Era who set all the meetings and with Associations and got the land from Civil Aviation Authority but unfortunately it became prey to legal side, quagmire.

In 2001, Tariq Puri in a dynamic fashion pushed the project forward and was determined to get it off the ground. In fact Mohib ullah Shah also had done major spade work on the legal side but it required more attention. Finally,  saw

the job done by Abid Javed Akbar and among his

team the main workers were Shahida Qaiser and other members such as Zameer Soomro. They worked extremely hard in solving the issue and took great interest. It was quite an achievements for the Minister and Abid Javed Akbar to finally deliver this project. The Chairman of the Jewelery Association as well as the President of FPCCI were quite jubilant and happy and one could see this gratitude in their speeches. TDAP and the team deserves much recognition for it as it would now triple the exports of Gems and Jewelery with in a few years. It might even beat the Textile Industry for that matter.

Th land that is being given by Civil Aviation will be now soon tendered to a private party to work on its infrastructure so as to make worship /  industrial

units for Jewelers of gold, semi precious stones and silver as well as artificial Jewelery. These then would be available for rent and sale both. This area will

have a bank, customs booth so that all goods can be exported directly. For those who are not aware kindly let all Jewelers know as well as women entrepreneurs. This would mean a great achievement for Pakistan in turn.

But the afternoon of the event was something to feel and experience. Since it was hot and humid all DGs and invitees that attended were dripping of sweat. The AC arrangement was pathetic and especially if have a Minister gracing the occasion and other important guests. The press are was with no special arrangement and the little press women Farzana Ran around doing nothing and looked more like a headless chicken. The press seemed quite infuriated as they did not even have a water to drink and furthermore the Minister took a good two more hours to come. The Marquee that was put up had huge stains and holes to come. The Marquee that was put up had huge stains and holes and showed TDAPs Admin in a poor light. All DGs and invitees wanted the event to be over fast.

Once the Minister arrived everyone acknowledged the effort and the Minister while swiping the sweat from his forehead paid compliment and recognition to Shahida Qaiser who should have been on the dais but instead DG Admin plonked himself on the chair. The compering was nice from Consultant Nighat Ali in a semi American style and she was pretty picture in white. Then the Minister made some important  announcements and all departments heads were given awards. And guess what Anis Alam manged to squeeze one for himself while all the DGs looked quite surprised. They need to take a class or two on just manipulation and the art of Sahibgiri from the man.

Many pictures were taken and all in all it seemed a great effort with a poor presentation.