The Romania , Bulgarian and Turkey, waiting cooperation with the EU Schengen Agreement.


Austria Vienna( By Muhammad Aslam) – The Romanian and Bulgarian are waiting for  Schengen agreement, Visa facilitation Turks are come closer. Today debate on social security benefits for EU citizens who have entered doesn’t stop.  Austrian authority had then connected to the corresponding letter to the Commission, even if it itself is not affected by the issue. They can work in Europe for a number of EU citizens, this possibility is one of the greatest achievements of their community. However, in some countries there is less sympathy for it. The governments there would see the free movement of workers like limited – although the final hurdles for the newer members of the Union from Romania and Bulgaria must fall in less than a month when the transition periods in the Western European labor markets expire. The UK already makes thinking about how immigration to the island can be made less attractive, and also in Germany, calls rain after new regulations that will make it difficult about the abuse of social benefits. The freedom of movement is a fundamental right which should not be undermined. This is the EU Commission not tired of repeating. This explained Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding once more the EU interior ministers who came together for a meeting in Brussels. “We must maintain our values ??and fundamental freedoms,” she said – and acknowledging that one that rights also bring with it responsibilities. After all, the freedom to travel should not mean freedom in welfare fraud. But it was up to the states themselves, according to Reding to fight abuse. The laws are in fact decided by the states, and they also need to implement. However, this attitude does not like the German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich: He accused the Commission of inactivity. But it need a common understanding of how the free movement protected and abuse can be fought. Thus, Frederick threatened to seek a “multilateral agreement” outside the EU structures. Months ago, already complained Germany together with Britain and the Netherlands over financial burdens by social services for turned traveled Romanian and Bulgarian EU citizens, especially Roma – without the minority to mention of course the name. The Netherlands it should be, which continue to block a shot of Romania and Bulgaria into the Schengen area, where travel without border controls are possible. The technical requirements for meeting the two countries have long been, but some states provide additional conditions such as greater efforts in the fight against corruption.