The Storm hit North Norway 12,000 peoples without power line and telephone


(Oslo Norway, By Dr Tanveer Ahmed) – More than 12,000 peoples are facing both problem without electricity and telephone connection. It was bad storm on Friday afternoon, around 12,000 homes were still without electricity late Friday evening, following the fierce storm which hit the region Thursday afternoon. On Friday the power companies put all their resources into replacing broken power lines and correcting other faults, but for some, it will take days before power is restored, NRK reports. The power cuts also affected a number of base stations for the mobile network, affecting the service at banks and stores, as well as private phones. Many schools and day care centers were also closed. Someone will have to wait several days before everything is back in order, says Telenor and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).  Around 8,000 households in Northern Norway are still without power, while the figure is down to 4,000 in South Trøndelag, says communications director Kjetil Hillestad in NVE. Power lines have received extensive damage as it is a continuous effort, he said. Friday was the good weather, while there are reports of increasing wind towards breeze Friday night.

The authorities says, we understand that a boring for people who do not have power, but it should also be safe for them to be out and work. Many trees have fallen over the lines, and we have used a helicopter to get an overview. So must the crew be able to move safely and have safe working conditions when they are clean, underscores Hillestad. Telenor said that more and more get the telephone connection back, but it takes time in some places because the damage is so great. The situation looks much brighter now. 17.30 was barely 3,000 still without a dial tone on landline, against 9,000 earlier today, said Chief Knut Sollid Telenor said. Mobile Users in Nord-Trøndelag may still have trouble reaching each other, especially in Stjørdal and Meråker. On the road between Stjørdal and Sweden, the E14 can be significantly reduced coverage, he said. In southern Norway the situation is better. Although many base stations which were still out of service Friday night, the remaining overlapping so that people will come forward yet, according Sollid.On Hitra and who had difficulty earlier today, the situation is now almost normal, he said.Regarding broadband connection still need a few thousand to do without in the two counties, most of them in the south.Telenor has had a number of inquiries from customers after the storm, especially business customers, but no more than might have been expected, believes Sollid. He praises both customers for their patience and workers for solid work. They work under harsh conditions and deserves all possible seniors, he said. Power Units are running out of key points, and Telenor and power companies are working together to repair the damage so that the key is taken first.