The unemployment agency registered 126,000 peoples in Norway.

Phila Unemployment Project

(By Dr Tanveer Ahmed Oslo Norway): The 126,000 people are registered unemployed in Norwayin 4.5 percent according to the NAV in decemebr 2015. The prices of  electricity is also higher and weaker currency rate. After ten years in Norway is still one of two refugees are unemployed, compared with 7 of 10 in society, according to the figures. A very few refugees have jobs during the first two years. After a few years exceeds the employment fairly quickly up to 50 percent and surfaces then, says Kristian Tronstad, a researcher at the Urban and Regional Research (NIBR). The residence has very much to say the degree of employment. When refugees have been in Norway for over 20 years falling labor force participation. Many immigrants have lower employment and higher proportion of disabled people in the age group nearing retirement, he said. The explanation for this is that migrant workers are often young, says Tronstad. Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug (FRP) says asylum seekers are responsible for finding their own work. We as politicians should facilitate immigrants – and others outside the workplace – can get into jobs as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, the individual responsible for its integration, it requires separate efforts.Norges Bank has estimated an average unemployment rate of 4.6 percent in 2016, up from 4.4 percent in 2015. The unemployment rate will continue to increase in 2016.