There is little or no chance of holding local body elections in Sindh due to the confused atmosphere.


KARACHI: There is little or no chance of holding local body elections in Sindh due to the confused atmosphere.

This was stated by Sindh assembly speaker Agha Siraj Durrani when asked wheather the local body elections will be held while talking to the scribe said yet Election commission   Pakistan  (ECP) is not yet satisfied with the process.

He said according to the prescribed rules and regulations the election should be held within 90 days.

The ECP has lost its reputation in the last elections and a new issue has been raised of thumb impression, this is an issue just to create process more ridiculous.

He said now the petition would be filed in the court and instead of going to tribunal they will continue to run  in courts.

He said now the government is also making amendments in the local government system this will further cause delay in elections.

Once the amendments are made the shape of nomination paper will be changed which will further make situation more “hotch poach”.

Replying to a question he said if local body elections   were not held for any reason it would be a violation of the constitution.

It is a law that local government be run by elected members but at present local body is being run by bureaucracy.

He said bureaucrats never look for the interest of the people and they are least bothered about the masses.

Durrani there is already a great sense of deprivation among the people in absence of local body elections further add to their miseries .To another question Durrani said recent talks between PPP and MQM would fail as in that team convincing factor to MQM  is absent.

Local body elections in Sind have not been held since last six years. Sindh Chief minister has also said government is prepared to hold local body elections.

The delimitation process in Karachi might also cause delay in elections, political observers claim.