Thousands of enthusiastic PTI workers head to Islamabad on call of Imran Khan to stand up against “evil”

139 of enthusiastic PTI workers head to Islamabad on call of Imran Khan to stand up against “evil”

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Thousands of enthusiastic workers of PTI Saturday left their home towns from as far as Skardu and beyond in the north to caravans from the southern port city of Karachi and the rugged terrain of Balochistan to head towards the parade ground in Islamabad to express solidarity with Prime Minister Imran Khan, as he faces a vote of no confidence.

Being touted as one of the largest such gatherings, the charged workers of Pakistan are arriving here on the call of the Prime Minister of what he calls is the time to stand up for the right cause and to speak out against what is wrong, as per the theme of the day – “Amar bil Maroof”.

Imran Khan has been holding back to back public rallies to mobilize the public against the collusion of what he calls “pack of three stooges” – Shahbaz Sharif, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, and Maulana Fazalur Rehman, who has been indulging in the purchase of loyalties of PTI parliamentarians for cash and promises of better opportunities. Khan earlier in the day addressed a mammoth gathering at Kamalia.

The Supreme Court is to hold another hearing on Monday, March 28 on a Presidential Reference to decide whether those parliamentarians who switch sides, without resigning from their parties can be disqualified or not, or if so for a term or life.

Prime Minister Imran Khan in a video message had appealed to the nation to join him on March 27 and to stand up for what is right.

“I want my entire nation to come out with me on March 27 to give a loud message that we are not supporting evil and are against it,” he said in his message.

The prime minister said the “gang of dacoits”, which had been looting the country for 30 years, and was indulged in massive corruption and illegal transfer of money abroad was now “openly buying the conscience and loyalties of the public representatives.”

Terming it a “crime against the nation and democracy” Imran Khan quoted a verse from the Holy Quran – ‘Amar bil maroof wa nhi anil munkir’ and said that “Allah Almighty guides the Muslims to stand with good and against evil”.

PTI leader Federal Minister for Education, Professional Training, and National Heritage Shafqat Mahmood said the public meeting would be the largest one in the history of the country and would have a great impact on the corrupt elite.

He urged the nation to be part of this great movement so as to put an end to the tradition of corrupt practices that have plagued this nation.

“We all should repose confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan and express solidarity with our leader who is fighting for the right,” he remarked.

Talking to media at Parade Ground, PTI leader Senator Faisal Javed Khan said PTI caravans had started reaching the venue while several others were on their way from across the country to participate in the historic public meeting.

He said all the PTI workers should reach the venue by 3 pm on Sunday. He said people would participate from all provinces including Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir in huge rallies.

Faisal Javed Khan said a leader always thinks for the next generation and said PM Imran Khan had already won this match. He said the enthusiasm can be gauged from the fact that a large number of overseas Pakistanis were also reaching the federal capital to participate in the rally.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan will address the historic public gathering to expose the corrupt politicians who were dancing on the tunes of foreign powers, for some petty cash,” the PTI leader added.

He said PTI would show what the people of Pakistan want and before the so-called no-confidence motion, Prime Minister Imran Khan would show his trump card.

Addressing a press conference, Provincial Ministers Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Kamran Bangash and Taimur Saleem Jhagra said a large crowd of people from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would attend PTI public show on March 27 in Islamabad.

Kamran Bangash said people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were in favor of Prime Minister Imran Khan like a solid rock as they believed that he was the only leader who could address their problems and take the country out of existence challenges.

He said the Prime Minister had emerged as a strong political leader who spoke for the united Muslim Ummah and referred to the successful holding of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Taimur Jhagra said the PTI public show would break records of all previous people meetings as they believed in the power of people and the supremacy of truth.

The social media platforms too were bursting with supportive messages for the Prime Minister and resolve to stand up against all those who for personal interests were working on foreign agenda. Hashtags #WeAreComingPMKhan, #27MarchJalsa, #???????????, #???_???_?????_??_????- let’s march along with Imran Khan, were some of the top trends on Twitter.

Meanwhile, a large rally from Sindh province led by the opposition leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh had reached Parade Ground on Saturday to participate in the public gathering.

Talking to media at Parade Ground, Haleem Adil Sheikh said “the people of Pakistan have rejected those politicians who used to rule the country by taking dictation from foreign powers and the day is not far off when Pakistan will emerge as a country on the world map which follows the principles of State of Madinah”, he added.

He said Pakistan was moving forward to achieve the goals of development and prosperity. However, the opposition cannot digest this reality, the development of Pakistan, and the prosperity of the people.

PTI Insaf Youth Working Committee’s Member Daud Kakar said all the preparations had been completed by the party chapters across Balochistan. He said a large number of people; were joining from far-off places as they believed that Imran Khan was sincere with the country.

President, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sadar Tanveer Illyas Khan said the nation was standing firm with Prime Minister Imran Khan. Khan, who is also senior minister of AJK said, PTI AJK workers were excited and fully ready to participate actively on March 27 public meeting. Flanked by Party leadership, he said people from Muzaffarabad, Bimber, Bagh, Rawla Kot, and all the districts of AJK would participate in the public gathering.

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