Trade Development Authority of Pakistan & M/s Gerd Luers


Karachi (PR): A meeting was held in Trade Development Authority of Pakistan today on the subject under the chairmanship the Ms. Rabiya Javeri Agha, Secretary, TDAP which was participated by M/s Gerd Luers, who has a German project on the subject of Change Management and Building Institutional Capacity in the textile and garment sectors in views of the forthcoming grant of GSP + facilities to Pakistan by the EU. The meeting was attended by Mr. Salahuddin Farrukh, who is National Project Coordinator of M/s. Espire, organization dealing with the resource productivity enhancement, Mr. Saad Saboor, and Mr. Ali Akbar of EY also attended the meeting, alongwith Dr. M. Usman, Director General (AFD), TDAP.

Mr. Gred Luers informed the meeting that he was conducting appraisal of the Garment and Textile Sectors in Pakistan on behalf of the German Government, whose findings will help him to develop a project proposal which he would submit to German Government and after their approval, it would converted to a formal project of assistance to Pakistan. His activities at present were limited to Punjab, where lately he has organized a seminar on the subject. The Government of Punjab is his counterpart in this regard.

According to Mr. Gerd, his project aims to address the issue of social compliance of the factories in these sectors, which would assume increasing importance after the forthcoming accession of GSP + facility to Pakistan. He was engaged in the assessment of the companies with respect to their interest in the subject, their degree of commitment and the means they have to achieve the objective of social compliance in their units. He has come to know that the USAID has a trade project in this area, but there was no exclusive project on the subject, therefore, there was no driver of the subject and there was no ownership for the same. The Government has the means (resources), but lacks ownership and the textile sector has ownership but lacks the necessary means. The Ms. Rabiya Javeri Agha, Secretary, TDAP assured the M/s Gerd Luers representative that TDAP shared the objectives of M/s Gerd Luers with respect to social compliance & standard and would extend them all help to achieve their implementation in the export sector of Pakistan.