US Consulate to Organize a Workshop on “Diversifying Pakistan’s Exports to the United States” on 28th August in Karachi


Haji Fazal Kadir Khan Sherani,President,FPCCI, presenting FPCCI crest to Mr.Jonathan Ward,Economic and Commercial Officer,USA. Other in the picture are Mr.Iqbal Dawood Pakwala, Begum Salma Ahmad Vice Presidents FPCCI,  Engr.M.A.Jabar,Sardar Shaukat Popalzai, Mr.Waheed Shah,Syed Masood Alam Rizvi Secretary General FPCCI, Mr.Ahmad Zaman Khan, Director (EA) FPCCI and Mr.Malik Muhammad Attiq,Commercial Specialist,United States Consulate General.

Karachi (PR): United States of America is the most important partner in the socio-economic development of Pakistan  who, time and again, has extended financial and economic assistance to Pakistan to face the daunting challenges, stated by Haji Fazal Kadir Khan Sherani,President,Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) while talking to Mr. Jonathan Ward, Economic and Commercial Officer of United States who visited FPCCI on Wednesday, Augsut 8,2012.

Haji Fazal Kadir Khan Sherani also said that the significance ofUSA’s contribution in Pakistan Trade and Economy can be realized with the fact that presently US Ais the major trade and Investment partner ofPakistanin addition to the economic assistance provided and promised by the US Government.

Pakistanis a vital ally in the War on Terror. Paksitan has lost both human and collateral damages.US can reciprocate this contribution of Pakistan by helping Pakistan to address the daunting economic challenges through shifting its support from conventional aid to market access, investment, technology transfer, education and training, scientific research and infrastructural development. US firms could locate their investment inPakistanfor exports to third countries or exploit the domestic market. With an increase in per capita income to $ 1372, purchasing power of Pakistani public has increased which offers an attractive market for US investors.

Mr.Jonathan Ward said that he appreciates the relations with Business Community of Pakistan which are very crucial. He stated that FPCCI is a national organization and our relations will significantly improve trade activities. He also said that Karachiis an important city for commercial actitivites as compared to other cities. Objective of his visit was to inform about workshop on “Expanding and Diversifying Pakistan’s Exports to the United States”. He informed that this workshop will be held on 28th August,2012 at Karachi and will provide  tips for exporting to the United Sates and other major global markets with a special focus on opportunities outside of the textile sector. The workshop will cover three main areas viz Strengthening Trade Relations, Investment and Intellectual Property Right (IPR).He said that he needed FPCCI help and assistance in recommending 50 names from all overPakistan for attending this Workshop.Mr.Fazal Kadir Khan Sherani assured that FPCCI will certainly provide its assistance in this matter.

Mr. Zubair F.Tufail Former Vice Presdient FPCCI, attended the meeting and informed about the present energy scenario inPakistan. He also proposed that theUSbased energy firms  invest inpakistanbecause whatever capacity these firm will produce would be utilized so companies will receive good profit.

The meeting was also attended by Mr.Iqbal Dawood Pakwala, Begum Salma Ahmad Vice Presidents FPCCI,  Engr.M.A.Jabar,Sardar Shaukat Popalzai, Mr. Waheed Shah,Syed Masood Alam Rizvi Secretary General FPCCI, Mr.Ahmad Zaman Khan,Director (EA) FPCCI and Mr.Malik Muhammad Attiq, Commercial Specialist,United States Consulate General.

The meeting was concluded with the presentation of FPCCI crest to Mr. Jonathan Ward.