US has no plans to deploy missiles in Ukraine — Biden


WASHINGTON: The United States has deployed no missiles on the territory of Ukraine, and was not planning to put them there in the future, US President Joe Biden said.

“Neither the US nor NATO have missiles in Ukraine. We do not have plans to put them there as well,” Biden said. He added, We’re not targeting the people of Russia. We do not seek to destabilize Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov the United States and NATO’s responses to Russia’s proposals on long-term legally binding guarantees of its security. Lavrov informed the president about these responses, noting that NATO and the US gave a negative answer on Russia’s key concerns. He stressed that Moscow cannot be satisfied with these responses. However, in his words, some of the responses are quite constructive. These are concrete measures concerning shorter-and medium-range missiles and a series of proposals on reducing military risks, building up trust and military transparency.


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