US Visa issued to veteran comedian Umer Sharif

271 Umaar Shareef

KARACHI (APP): United States of America (USA) on Thursday granted a visa to veteran comedian Umer Sharif for medical treatment in the US.

Talking to APP, Jawad Umer son of Umer Sharif told that his father was unwell due to heart issues and his condition is slightly better than the other day.

“We are waiting for air ambulance and as soon as it arrives, we would leave for his treatment in the US,” he said adding that Sharif, who has been undergoing treatment at a private hospital in the metropolis, was deemed fit to fly abroad for further treatment.

PPP leader and administrator of Karachi Murtaza Wahab also tweeted that veteran comedian Umer Sharif has been issued a US visa and he will be flown to the United States for treatment soon.

Meanwhile, the Sindh government approved the release of Rs 40 million for Sharif’s treatment. The funds are to be used to cover the expense of an air ambulance and other related costs for Sharif’s treatment abroad.

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