US would work in close harmony with newly Pakistani leadership – Michael J. Dodman


Karachi (PR): The USA would work in close harmony with the newly elected government under the leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif for the revival of economy. This was stated by Michael J. Dodman, Consul General of USA at a meeting at Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI).

At this occasion the Chairman KATI, Mohammad Zubair Chhaya said that the relationship between Pakistan & USA are deep routed since independence. The USA is a great friend of Pakistan and always helps Pakistan in almost all the fronts. However, due to Afghan war and war against terrorism, Pakistan needs more support from USA than ever before, he added.

He further said that it is high time for USA to take concrete measures which put new strength and build confidence of Pakistanis. The measures, which Pakistan think necessary, are liberalization of trade between two countries, more important is that USA should put direct investments in joint venture projects.

Pakistan do not want aid but want trade and desirous to build relationship on equality on self respect of both the nations. Pakistani people love America, their values, liberal approach and openness of society but expect same from USA. Social ties are inevitable for economic growth of Pakistan. Pakistan is rich in manpower, and this is the area where USA should invest as much as possible. There are huge openings for the energy sector and alternate energy sector, we look forward for technical assistance in these areas, he added.

Dodman said that USA is actively working on education, energy and health sectors in Pakistan and the focus is on capacity building rather than short term remedies. He further said that USA would like to continue its support to foster the economy of Pakistan.

On a question of boosting the trade and business of two countries, he said that USA will do its all out efforts for providing full support to Pakistani businessmen for further improving the exports from Pakistan to USA, but noted that the USA also wants to see an increase in its exports to Pakistan.

Former Chairman, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan and Chairman Diplomats Affairs Standing Committee Mr.Masood Naqi also addressed at the occasion.