Voting for Khalistan Referendum held in UK’s Gurdwara on Sunday

219 for Khalistan Referendum

A large number of Sikhs participated in the voting for Khalistan Referendum that took place in Gurdwara Ramgharia, UK on Sunday, showing their dissatisfaction over the attitude of the Narendra Modi government towards them.

According to Kashmir Media Service, earlier, more than 6,000 Sikhs from Switzerland, France, Italy, and Germany cast their votes in Geneva for Khalistan Referendum.

Khalistan referendum kick-started in London on 31 October 2021 and over 30,000 Sikhs took part in voting. Huge participation of Sikhs in a referendum for their homeland has unnerved India. India’s false propaganda against Sikhs has failed to prevent the Khalistan referendum.

The UK allowed the Sikh referendum despite hectic diplomatic efforts by India to stop the exercise. Khalistan referendum has sent a strong message to the Indian establishment to end discrimination against Sikhs and India should be prepared to give Sikhs their birthright of freedom.

Meanwhile, Australian Sikhs have criticized Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and called RSS a terrorist organization.

A US-based key member of ‘Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), Gurpatwant Singh Pannun said the world did not know the full extent of the crimes against humanity, and India at all levels targetted Sikhs’ democratic expression of freedom.

He said that there was an artificial face of India that project to the world as peaceful and benign but the real face of India was draconian and ugly. Indian establishment was involved in reprisal, through the cancellation of visas and threats, against Sikhs living in the UK, USA, Canada, and EU for supporting and participating in the Khalistan Referendum, he added.

The result of the Khalistan referendum will be declared by Punjab Referendum Commission after the final phase of voting and that will be held in the next six months.

The findings of the referendum would be shared with the UN, international bodies, and a wider consensus would be created.

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