Water supply to industrial Area disturbed due to the Power breakdowns


Karachi (PR): In a press release issued today, Mr. Salim Parekh, Chairman (Central) & Mr. M. Arif Lakhany, Regional Chairman, All Pakistan Textile Processing Mills Association, said that almost all the Industrial areas continued to suffer due to water shortage on account of power breakdowns at main KW&SB installations. He said that ongoing crisis has reduced industrial output and industries are suffering financially huge losses due to power breakdowns of KW&SB installations.

He further said that the frequent power breakdown coupled with water shortage will badly hit the export target and the much needed foreign exchange earnings. He further said that water supply position has been affected by the protracted power breakdowns.

The APTPMA Chief said that 40% of Textile Processing Industries in Pakistan are located in SITE Industrial area and water is the basic raw material of Textile Processing Industries especially valued Added Textile. Paucity of water will lead to a complete closure of Textile Processing Industries and a large number of workers will be affected. He said that Karachi Industrial areas are paying 67% of the country’ taxes. Water shortage has crippled industrial and business activities. 

He urged the Governor of Sindh, Chief Minister of Sindh and Minister of Industries to depute a team to resolve water issue of SITE Area.