We Condemn in strong words the bombing of a religious seminary – Simon Bashir


Europe:(Report/Ikramuddin) According to International Global Times Media Report, Pastor in charge of Bethel Memorial Methodist Church Quetta Balochistan Pastor Simon Bashir said that he strongly condemned the bomb blast at a religious seminary in Peshawar. What was the sin of the students of madrassa that Terrorists committed the massacre of these innocent children? The government should take legal action against such terrorists at the national level and bring those involved in terrorism to justice so that in the future our children won’t face such horrific incidents. Pastor Simon Bashir in charge of Bethel Memorial Methodist Church Quetta said in a press statement with International Global Times;

“What kind of humanity is the massacre of innocent children in madrassas. Pastor Bethel Memorial Methodist Church Quetta”

Media Europe that the government is urging the present government and security agencies to prevent such tragedies and take effective steps to eradicate terrorism and extremism. In his condolence statement, he said that God grants the martyred students of the madrassa a high position in Paradise, and God Almighty grant recovery to the injured students. Pastor Simon Bashir in charge of Bethel Memorial Methodist Church Quetta also strongly condemned the blasphemy in France yesterday and said that the French government and the French President should apologize to the Muslims for blasphemy and the French government should stop such blasphemous incidents, Take important steps to prevent such incidents from happening tomorrow. Such incidents can lead to chaos all over the world which is detrimental to the country and the people.

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