Workshop on Optical Coherence Tomography


KARACHI, 14th March 2012: Ophthalmologists Society of Pakistan as a part of Pre Conference Workshop of KAROPHTH 2012 organized a Workshop on “Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)” today at Patel Hospital, Karachi. The Speaker of the Workshop includes, Dr. Idrees Ehdi, Dr. Usman and Dr. Muhammad Hanif.

Dr. Idrees Ehdi, Consultant, Ophthalmologists at Civil Hospital Karachi in his talk termed it a promising new class of diagnostic medical imaging technology that utilizes advanced photonics and fiber optics to obtain images and tissue characterization on a scale never before possible within the human body. This technology has the potential to dramatically change the way physicians, researchers and scientists see and understand the human body in order to better diagnose and treat disease.

He further revealed that OCT imaging can be performed over approximately the same distance of a biopsy at high resolution and in real time making the most attractive applications for OCT those where conventional biopsies cannot be performed or are ineffective. Standard electronic techniques are adequate for processing ultrasonic echoes that travel at the speed of sound, interferometric techniques are required to extract the reflected optical signals from the infrared light used in OCT.

Dr. Muhammad Hanif, speaking on OCT importance of progression scan in patient management” said that this powerful technology provides in situ images of tissues at near histological resolution without the need for excision or processing of the specimen. In addition to providing high-level resolutions for the evaluation of micro-anatomic structures OCT is inherently able to provide information regarding tissue composition. Using spectroscopy, users can evaluate the spectral absorption characteristics of tissue while simultaneously determining the orderliness of the tissue through the use of polarization imaging.

Other who spoke on the occasion includes, Dr. Usman and Dr. Qazi Wasif, General Secretary Ophthalmologists Society of Pakistan.