World community strongly demanding joint investigation of Pakistan’s airspace violation

192 community strongly demanding joint investigation of Pakistan’s airspace violation

BEIJING, (APP): Cheng Xizhong, Visiting Professor at Southwest University of Political Science and law on Tuesday observed that after launching a supersonic missile into Pakistan due to India’s alleged ‘technical malfunction’ during maintenance and blatantly violating Pakistan’s airspace, the international community, including India’s mainstream media, has been strongly demanding a joint investigation. Unfortunately, India has remained silent for so many days.

Prof. Cheng noted that ‘The Times of India’ published an editorial on March 13, saying that the ‘accidentally launching of the missile’ could easily escalate the tension between India and Pakistan into real danger.

Therefore, it strongly called for a thorough investigation of the incident to prevent such a thing from happening again.

He commented that, however, India considered itself clever and thinks accordingly that by delaying in silence for a period of time, it could evade responsibility.

Prof. Cheng believed that as a regional power, India should take a responsible attitude. First, India should bravely admit its mistakes and apologize to Pakistan, all countries in the region, and the entire international community.

Second, India should accept a joint investigation to find out the real reason, so as to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents endangering the regional peace due to technical malfunction.

He strongly suggested that since India remains silent and shows great irresponsibility, the UN Security Council should intervene immediately and demand from India to hold a joint investigation, as an internal inquiry into the March 9 incident advocated by the Indian side cannot be fair and transparent.

In addition, the Indian missile crashed on the Pakistani territory, so any unilateral investigation without Pakistan’s involvement cannot be complete and authentic.

As we all know, India is making use of some rogue elements for an ulterior purpose. Therefore, what is most worthy of a joint investigation is whether the missile was accidentally launched by the Indian Air Force or by the rogue elements.

If the rogue elements in India have got control of missiles and nuclear technology, then the security situation in this region will be terrible and disastrous, he concluded.

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