World Heart Day Celebrates by Tabba Heart Institute


It’s that time of the year where globally, awareness related to cardiovascular diseases is celebrated with aplomb and fervor through events & activities on World Heart Day. These activities are celebrated depicting the immense importance of prevention via a healthy lifestyle and cure through medical mediums.

The Day has an immense importance since it is observed that around 1.75 million deaths occur due to cardiovascular diseases worldwide every year. The motive of celebration of this day is to educate people of the severity of the heart problems and warn them of the common factors that are contaminating their lives. It might come as a shock to a lot of you to know this fact that there is no medicine or surgical procedure that can eliminate this problem from your life except for your will to stay active and eat healthy. By actually following simple steps we can achieve a healthy and heart positive lifestyle.

Tabba Heart Institute is associated with the care of this vital organ since 2005. They not only treat cardiovascular diseases but also try to step it up by spreading the awareness of do’s and dont’s in one’s daily life to stay healthy. They believe in the concept of prevention is better than cure where most hospitals emphasize on billing patients, they on the other hand care about their patients for them to not face this deadly disease.

This year, Tabba Heart Institute invited people from all walks of life to their DHA Diagnostics & Consultation Centre located in Phase II, DHA through their cycling event “Pedal for a Healthy Heart”, the crux of this event was to highlight a healthy lifestyle approach where smoking was prohibited, and healthy eating and exercise was promoted. The Medical Director of Tabba Heart Institute, Dr. Bashir Hanif showed his concern to save Pakistanis the “heart ache” of being affected from heart diseases since this has become a growing issue where besides elderly patient’s even children as young as 18 years of age are being affected. He laid emphasis on the dietary intake of an individual in today’s life and lack of physical activity that has been taking a toll on the community lately. He share his experiences with the audience and encouraged them to eat organic, omit cholesterol, quit smoking and walk for at least thirty minutes to take control of their hearts & bodies. This education not only laid a massive impact on people but also forced them to challenge themselves to a better lifestyle. Many made pledges to change their living approach for a better & healthier future. Pledge taking was seen on social media too under the hashtag of #tabba heart institute which encourages and motivated many viewers from all over the world to join hands and be a part of this mission of spreading the message through a global platform therefore creating mass awareness for humanity regarding cardiovascular diseases.

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