Youm-e-Istehsal-e-Kashmir seminar in Paris


Paris, France (by/Yaser Ilyas): A seminar was organized at the Embassy of Pakistan here today to observe the Youm-e-Istehsal-e-Kashmir marking the completion of two years since Indian illegal and unilateral action of altering the internationally recognized special status of Jammu and Kashmir. Members of French civil society and media as well as Pakistani and Kashmiri communities in Paris attended the event.

Charge d’Affaires a.i. Mr. Abbas Sarwar Qureshi emphasized that during the last two years residents of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) have been subject to unprecedented forms of human rights abuses like extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, communication blockade, as well as suffocating curfews. But, he said, no repression can crush the determination of the Kashmiri people.

While highlighting the illegal actions of the Indian government taken on August 5, 2019, he said that by allowing Hindus to settle down in the disputed territory, India is changing the demographic status of IIOJK in an effort to reduce Kashmiris to a minority in their own homeland.

Mr. Qureshi thanked the EU MPs for writing a letter highlighting the plight of the Kashmiri people and urged the international community to play its role in the resolution of the Kashmir dispute as per the wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiri people and in accordance with the relevant UNSC resolutions.

He reiterated the commitment of the government of Pakistan in supporting the Kashmiris in their just struggle and legitimate right to self-determination, in accordance with international law, UN Charter, and relevant UN Security Council resolutions and mentioned that Prime Minister Imran Khan considers himself as an ambassador of the Kashmiri people.

Expressing his views on the occasion French journalist Mr. Paul Comiti shared his experience of visiting Azad Jammu and Kashmir in 2019 and said that he was pleased to see that people in AJK were leading a life of security and freedom. The situation there seemed to be in marked contrast to what was happening in IIOJK.

He said every society needs hope to survive, and it is the responsibility of the international community not to let the hope of the people of IIOJK die down in the face of India’s illegal occupation and continued aggression.

Other speakers of the seminar also criticized the Indian government for its illegal actions of August 5, 2019, and showed support and solidarity for Kashmiris in their just struggle for the right to self-determination.

A documentary showcasing the atrocities committed in IIOJK since August 5, 2019, was shown to the audience, and messages of the President, Prime Minister, and Foreign Minister were readout.

On this occasion, a photographic exhibition was also held at the chancery, in which historical photographs of the Kashmir struggle against the Indian military siege were put on display.

Embassy officials wore black armbands. The ceremony was held following strict Covid-19 SOPs issued by the French government.

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