Zulfikar Ali Bhutto


On the 5 of January, 2017, at Reading Community Centre PPP workers and guests celebrated the life of their beloved late leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and in his memory they cut a cake celebrating his birthday.

A main heading in the Guardian news paper catches my eye it stresses “Bhutto Hanged” for murder. Instantly I as well as all Pakistanis felt a deep and profound relationship with him. The news was felt everywhere in the world and sent shock waves.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto instigated imminent political changes, these included the first Islamic Constitution in 1973, the first department of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, and approval was given by his administration to print the first error-free Holy Quran, to name but a few of his contributions. He also encouraged innovative and creative changes in education, and recognised the need to empower women. Bhutto was responsible for the ideological changes we see in foreign policy and endorsed the legality of possessing a nuclear weapon.


Since Bhutto’s martyrdom Pakistan has never been out of the world’s spotlight. A small court in Hyderabad announced his death. 8.4 billion people hailed his name “Jivea Bhutto“, long live Bhutto! Bhutto defended the concept of democracy, justice, roti, kapra and makan, equal rights be they social, economical or religious. He sacrificed for these rights until the end of his life. We all aspire to achieve these rights and as history proves his legacy continues to live on through our late leader Benazir and her son Balawar Bhutto. Zulfikar Ali Bhuttos name will never be extinguished from the pages of history.

In Reading community centre the Party and its members chanted allegiance to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and his family. They celebrated with joy and jubilation. The hall was filled with excitement, enchantment, and euphoria when Bhutto’s name was mentioned. Professional male Bangra dancers entertained with a drummer. Some party members joined in with the dance. People were in high sprit and enjoyed the eventful celebrations. It was as though Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was present. The rhythmic sounds elated the supporters “Jivea Bhutto”, “Jivea Bhutto”, translated Long Live Bhutto, long live Bhutto. His legacy will never die! inshallah. Party guests and members hailed his name and promised to continue his mission. (Ms Sumblina Hassan, Private Secretary to former Prime Minister Morthrama Benazir Bhutto.)