Ali Javed Hamdani for MD SSGC, Amir Tufail & Sohail Gulzar for MD SNGC


Islamabad: Three names have been shot listed for the post of MD of Sui Southern Gas Company SSGC. Ali Javed Hamdani’s name is at the top of the list in the shortlist. Ali Javed Hamdani had earlier been shortlisted for the post of MD of Sui Northern, but his name was at number three in the panel. Ali Hamdani has sent a message to government officials that they are interested instead of Sui Northern. The second name shortlisted for SSGC MD is Imran Ahmed, who is based in the United States. Who work in Pakistan Refinery Limited. The Petroleum Division will send the summary to the PM’s Office for approval. Reliable sources said that in the light of the report of the Board of Directors of Sui Northern, the fact-finding committee has cleared the name of Amir Tufail and Sohail Gulzar for MD-ship. Declared. Third his name is Ali Javed Hamdani. According to sources, the board of directors of SNGC met in Peshawar yesterday in which the report of the fact finding committee was presented before the Board of Director.

The names of Aamir Tufail and DMD Operation Sohail Gulzar have been declared valid for the third Time. 

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