An open letter from a group of Iranian artists to the artists of the world


Iran (Mansoor Jahani): All of us, no matter what our nationality is or what country we are from, are citizens of a borderless utopia call “ART” which exists in a world called “CULTURE”. No superpower can prohibit us from being members of our ART nation. In our collective fantasy world, whether we are Asian, European, American or African, we all have a unique gene for understanding culture, an influential talent to make the people understand,as well as abilities for analyzing current trends and cause changes.

?We all create narratives and images with our works of art, using our individual taste and styles and cultural characteristics (whether with or without faith) for peace over war, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and always for our salvation and resurrection. Our societies of artists strive to improve our nations with our collective works, despite being much smaller than the countries in which we live.

?Even though the powers and politics that “be” have created gaps to keeps us separate, we have become stronger and bolder and determined and influential in many ways in order to transfer our humanity and collective messages to the world.

?At the present, every one of us regardless of geographic or political situations,have come face to face with a common enemy. We need our message to be passed on as hastily as possible. We are all equally vulnerable to this microscopic adversary. The salvation of one, depends on the salvation of all.

?Corona is not just a virus, it is a simple and historic question that is waiting for complex answers from the people and governments of the world. Can Iran’s answer to this question match the other countries, while its breaths are limited by global sanctions?

?Is it not rational that the response of artists from around the world to Corona will be different and more effective than those of world politicians?

?This crisis will pass, with small or catastrophic losses, but the collection of tales will also remain. The stories of exhausted nurses dancing in contaminated hospital hallways to raise the moral of patients, as they hide their worries about the lack of medicines and basic hospital necessities; Stories of physicians who haven’t been home in weeks and are forced to work without masks, gloves or gowns as they search for corona victims in the hallways of hospitals.

?These will all remain in the micro-historical memories of our time, and will be heard by all, sooner or later, either from us or from you all.

?We hope it is not too late for influential and unified artists of the world to tell these stories of the injustices toward the Iranian people, so the powerful politicians of the world may make the right choices.

?The people of Iran are facing a crisis today, the Corona crisis you are aware of, as well as the “Crisis of Unjustly Imposed Sanctions” you might not be aware.

?For the artists of Iran, it is important for you all to know that now, in this time of our large numbers of infected (including the elderly who are waiting their turn) are facing shortages of medical supplies…

?We want to know… What do you think? What do you say? and what will you do?

List of signatories (so far): Anahid Abad, Akbar Azad, Poyan Azadeh, Negar Azarbaijani, Ali Ashtiani-Pour, Amir Asna-Ashari, Saman Ehteshami, Habib Ahmadzadeh, Mostafa Ahmadi, Hamid Ahya, Pourya Akhvas, , Pirouz Arjmand, Bahman Ardalan, Homayoun Assadian, Habib Esmaeili, Mahnaz Afzali, Javad Afshar, Bahareh Afshari, Navid Afqah, Kamand Amir-Soleimani, Mazda Ansari, Borzu Arjmand, Sattar Ouraki, Ibrahim Iraj-Zad, Shayesteh Irani, Behdad Babaei, Kourosh Babaei, Tina Bakhshi, Bahram Bedakhshani, Babak Borzouyeh, Marzieh Boroumand, Rakhshan Bani-E’temd, Ali Boustan, Hossein Behrouzi-Nia, Behzad Behzadpour, Behnam Behzadi, Seyyed Mohammad Beheshti, Nazanin Bayati, Hossein Pakdel, Elham Paveh-Nejad, Parviz Parastoui, Pantea Panahiha, Kioumars Pour-Ahmad, Hassan Pour-Shirzai, Tahmures Pour-Nazeri, Sohrab Pour-Nazeri, Keykhosro Pour-Nazeri, Kiarash Pouzeshi, Dariush Pir-Niakan, Mohammad Pirhadi, Afshin Pirhashemi, Iraj Taghi-Pour, Parviz Tanavoli, Kourosh Tahami, Tina Jame-Garmi, Ardavan Ja’farian, Ali Jafari Poyan, Ali Jalilvand, Vahid Jalilvand, Rouhollah Hejazi, Hadi Hejazi-Far, Farshad Hesami, Hassan Hassan-Doust, Mohammad Ali Hossein-Nejad, Ibrahim Haghighi, Shahab Hosseini, Sepideh Khosrojah, Hooman Khala’tbari, Reza Dadvie, Mohammad Reza Delpak, Bahram Radan, Shadmehr Rastin, Kamran Rasoulzadeh, Christophe Rezai, Habib Rezaei, Gholam Reza Rezaei, A’tefeh Razavi, Amir Shahab Razavian, Ali Rahbari, Hassan Riahi, Ali Reza Raisian, Leila Zare’, Ali Reza Zarin-Dast, Salar Zamanian, Jalil Saman, Amir Abbas Setayeshgar, Abbas Sajadi, Pourya Sarayie, Mohammad Sarir,  Saeed Sa’di, Mahdi Sa’di, Mojgan Sayadi, Masoud Salami, Kourosh Soleimani, Sae’d Soheili, Hooman Seidi, Ghazal Shakeri, Mohsen Shah-Ibrahimi, Ali Reza Shoja-Nouri, Homayoun Shajarian, Mohsen Sharifian, Masoud Shoari, Mahdi Shirzad, Abdol Vahab Shahidi, Ahad Sadeghi, Majid Salehi, Rasoul Sadr-Ameli, Behrouz Safarian, Fereshteh Taerpour, Tanaz Tabatabai, Mahyar Tarihi, Behzad Abdi, Ahamd A’rbani, Mohammad Mahdi Asgharpour, Aria Azimi-Nejad, Ali-Reza Alavian, Hossein Alizadeh, Behrouz Gharibpour, Mojtaba Askari, Hatef Alimardani, Homayoun Ghani-Zadeh, Hossein Ghiasi, Alireza A’sar, Sahab Elm, Sina Elm, Media Faraj-Nejad, Mehrdad Farid, Mehran Farhadi, Arash Farhangfar, Arash Ghanadi, Amir Ghanadi, Soroush Ghahramanlou, Farzaneh Kaboli, Abdoljabbar Kakaei, Ardeshir Kamkar, Houshang Kamkar, Mohammad Hadi Karimi, Niki Karimi, Ashkan Kamangari, Bardia Kiaras, Reza Kianian, Mostafa Kiai, Milad Kiai, Milad Key-Maram, Masoud Kimiaei, Soheila Golestani, Houshang Golmakani, Davood Ghanjei, Mohammad Reza Gohari, Hamid Motebasem, Kourosh Matin, Navid Mohammad-Zadeh, Milad Mohammadi, Amir Mardaneh, Hadi Marzban, Shabnam Moghadami, Hassan Mostafavi, Majid Matlabi, Hamid Reza Monabati, Seyyed Gholam-Reza Mousavi, Meysam Moulaei, Reza Mahdavi, Hossein Mahkam, Bijan Mir-Bagheri, Mojtaba Mirtahmasb, Maziar Miri, Shahin Najaf-Zadeh, Mehrdad Nosrati, Omid Nemati, Hamidreza Nour-Bakhsh, Javad Nouroz-Beigi, Afshin Hashemi, Karen Homayounfar, Mohammad Reza Honarmand, Hossein Yari, Abbas Yari, Reza Yazdani. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address < & WhatsApp +923132434567 PLEASE SEND YOUR COMMENTS Thanks)