Another gas thief booked for 5 years, fined one million rupees 


Karachi: SSGC has secured more success on the legal front. The District Gas Utility Court, Dera Allah Yaar announced judgment against accused Imran Ali who was nominated in gas theft vide FIR # 242/2018. According to the judgment, the convicted got 5 years imprisonment and fine of one million rupees. The accused was taken into custody by the police. 

On the other hand the High Court of Sindh, Larkana Bench rejected the bail application of Siraaj Ali Khero, an accused of gas theft case. The accused was nominated in gas theft case vide FIR # 74/2018 in PS Rehmatpur District Larkana. He was involved in using gas through direct connection from an auxiliary pipeline in his ice factory. 

A number of raids were conducted by the SS&CGTO along with CRD team and SSGC Police in different areas of Sindh. A joint raid was conducted against gas theft at Shikarpur, where miscreant Mohammad Haif Brohi, resident of old Saddar Muhalla Shikarpur was running a 15KW generator supplied through a plastic pipe directly clamped with gas distribution line. The raiding team took this generator in its custody along with rubber pipes and other articles being used in the gas theft. FIR was lodged against the miscreants. 

Another raid was carried out in Ancholi, Karachi on April 25, 2019 in which one miscreant was arrested who was using gas for a Pakwaan House from a disconnected gas line. As per observation, gas was being used on 1260 CFT/HR with 3.5 Psig pressure. The direct connection was removed and the culprit was arrested. FIR was lodged against the culprit and claim was raised against the load that was being stolen. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address < & WhatsApp +923132434567)