Any missile launch may be perceived as nuclear strike amid tensions — Russia


MOSCOW: Any missile launch may be perceived as a potential nuclear strike amid persisting tensions, Deputy Secretary of Russia’s Security Council Mikhail Popov said. Hardly anyone, except specialists, comes to realize that modern systems spot launches of missiles quite quickly but cannot identify whether these missiles carry nuclear weapons. That is why, any missile launch may be perceived as a nuclear strike amid the tense military and political situation, the security official cautioned.

Commenting on a statement by German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer that the West must be increasingly decisive in its deterrence of Russia, demonstrating its readiness to employ nuclear weapons, the deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council pointed out that it is “quite irresponsible” for an official of this level.

“Moreover, considering that Germany does not possess nuclear weapons, this statement can be viewed as a call on the United States to use its nuclear potential, including tactical nuclear charges deployed at forward bases in NATO countries,” the security official said.

An official of this level must be aware that in the event of employing nuclear weapons, US facilities on Germany territory will be subjected to a retaliatory or a retaliatory counter strike, he pointed out. “It would be interesting to hear an answer to the following question: In the event of a nuclear apocalypse, would the surviving electors forgive such short-sighted behavior by their country’s defense minister?” the security official said.


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