/Attention notice/ “Honorable Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Khan”


(GERMANY): I would like to draw your attention and the Federal Foreign Minister Mr. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Overseas Advisor Mr. Zulfi Bukhari and the Overseas Commission to a very sensitive issue.In Pakistani Consulates Germany and Italy, Overseas Pakistanis are being treated in a very shameful and unjust manner.The above mentioned Consulates are deliberately increasing the number of objections and problems for overseas in their genuine papers without any reason.Consulates staff take bribes from Pakistanis.Overseas Pakistanis are suffering from mental anguish and depression due to misconduct of consulates staff.This inefficient performance of consulate staff is a disgrace to Pakistan. Nothing can be done without giving bribe to consulate staff which is very sad and embarrassing for all of us being Pakistanis. Pakistani Consulate staff are humiliating Pakistanis without any reason.When an Overseas Pakistani applies for identity card, or passport documents,then a few touts ??backed by the consulate staff,facilitators at the gate of the embassies asked for bribery in return of issuing such documents. These agents take money from Pakistanis and give it to the consulate staff as bribe.Those applicants who are compelled to bribe consulate staff for their legal work are exempted from inquiries and their admission and paperwork would be completed without any hindrance and without standing in line.But those overseas people who do not have money are being humiliated by the consulate staff under the guise of inquiry,which is nothing less than oppression of overseas Pakistanis.

Most of these overseas Pakistanis have left their country due to poverty,hunger and unemploymen,If these overseas Pakistanis had jobs inside Pakistan and there was no poverty and unemployment then why these overseas Pakistanis would turn to Europe and other countries for better life.When a person is helpless and compelled then he leaves his family and country to go abroad to earn halal livelihood for his family and send valuable remittance with taxes to dear country Pakistan.But the discriminatory treatment of the oppressed Overseas Pakistanis by the Pakistani Consulate staff in foreign countries is no less than oppression.

Honorable Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan, in your own speeches repeatedly referred to Overseas Pakistanis that “You are proud of your Overseas Pakistanis” and your statement is that you will not leave the esteemed Overseas Pakistanis alone in foreign country but today in these two foreign countries and many other countries,corrupt officials of a few consulates not just violation the Pakistan constitution, betrayal of your vision and Pakistan Oath of allegiance but also defaming Pakistan. Honorable Prime Minister, you have promised that you will not make concessions to any corrupt person,so now is the time for you to fulfill your promise and expose the enemies of the country and punish them so that in future anywhere in the world where we have our great embassies of Pakistan,no diplomatic staff should dare to commit corruption.Due to your timely and concrete steps,these helpless and oppressed travelers should have a wave of peace and happiness and this should prove to the world that “The Prime Minister of the new state of Madinah has indeed punished the diplomats who committed bribery and oppression”.I believe that important steps need to be taken to solve the problems of overseas Pakistanis.The Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan should issue instructions to the top officials of the institutions to take legal action against the bribery of the Pakistani consulate staff in foreign countries.As a responsible journalist of Pakistani origin living abroad,I have always been representing my fellow oppressed overseas Pakistanis and always wanted the problems and difficulties of Overseas Pakistanis living abroad to be solved in a timely manner.Overseas Pakistan are a great asset of God-given Pakistan. As a responsible journalist, I always keep in touch with Passport, NADRA, FIA and other top agencies officials to make them do their job properly but due to the negligence and indifference of the top officials,the problems of overseas Pakistanis are increasing day by day instead of decreasing. Pakistanis are facing a lot of problems.I have always tried to convey the problems of these oppressed Overseas Pakistanis to the ruling elites and top officials of the institutions through print media and electronic media so that the problems of Overseas Pakistanis are reduced instead of increasing.I also urge the above officers of the said department to get in touch to solve the problems of these overseas Pakistanis and pay full attention to solving the problems of the migrants so that the problems and difficulties faced by the overseas Pakistanis are solved. (By: IKram Uddin Chief Executive International Global Times Media Europe And founder of Jazba Ittehad Union of Journalists) 

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