Chief Ikramuddin meets with Umberto, a religious leader of the Christian community


Italy/Parma:(International Desk) According to foreign media reports, International Global Times Media Europe’s Chief Executive Ikramuddin met with the Christian community’s religious leader and pastor San Tommaso Parma Church Umberto. According to details, Ikramuddin Chief Executive of Europe met with San Tommaso Parma Church Umberto, the pastor of the Christian community in his office. The two discussed service to humanity and the pastor of San Tommaso Christian’s Church said that “Our mission is to serve humanity because service to humanity is worship, Every religion has taught us to serve humanity,” Pastor of San Tommaso Parma Church Umberto further said that he has dedicated his life to the service of humanity and will always strive for the service of humanity. Religious leader Umberto said that the service of the poor and helpless people is in fact worship.

The two discussed humanitarian service during the meeting

On this occasion Chief executive of international global times, media Europe ikramuddin said that it is very important for all of us to play our part in serving the humanity, We all need to be united in the service of humanity so that the problems and difficulties facing humanity can be solved in a timely manner. Pastor San Tommaso Parma Church Umberto said that in the event of a global epidemic like the coronavirus, we should take care of each other and take government measures so that humanity can get rid of the coronavirus. Ikramuddin and San Tommaso Parma Church Umberto, a religious leader and pastor of the well-known Christian community, also prayed for those who died of the coronavirus, May God bless those who died of the coronavirus and those affected by the coronavirus. May Allah bless the people with perfect health. Ameen

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