Christian community rendered invaluable services to Pakistan: Sh Rashid

103 community rendered invaluable

RAWALPINDI, (APP): Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Wednesday termed the services of the Christian community to Pakistan invaluable.

Addressing a function of the Christian community here at Rawalpindi Arts Council in connection with upcoming Christmas Day, the minister said the message of Jesus Christ was of teaching and preaching peace and love.

He said the services of the Christian community for Pakistan were not less than any other community, adding, he felt proud to participate in their celebrations every year.

“The Sialkot incident has embarrassed us in the world,” he said and added that for the first time in 72 years, the world was looking at us from the perspective of extremists.

“Extremism has shaken the foundations of our country,” adding the country’s enemy was extremism and terrorism, which needed to be tackled by creating an atmosphere of brotherhood.

Rashid said that Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks about Madina State, in which other communities enjoyed equal rights.

The minister said that Christians were hardworking people and “I never see any Christian begging”.

The doors of Lal Haveli always opened for the Christian community, he mentioned.

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