Commissioner Karachi Ifitkhar Shallwani inaugurated “Tree Plantation and Landscaping program


KARACHI: Commissioner Karachi Ifitkhar Shallwani inaugurated  “Tree Plantation and Landscaping program  for the City of Karachi “ organised by the Community Advisory and Welfare Services (CAWS) in collaboration with the Quaid-e-Azam Mazar Management Board.  held at  The Mazar of Quaid on Friday. Former Chairman of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation Arif Elahi, Director General Sindh Building Control Authority Ashkar Dawar, Chief Executive of  CAWS, Shokat Omeri,Director  of Quaid-e-Azam Mazar Management Board  Mohammad Arif and its members and president of Karachi Basketball Association Ghulam Monammad also participated and planted trees at the Mazar.

Commissioner speaking on this occasion assured the  non government organizations  and citizens that sindh government as well as the city administration would extend all possible support to them  for making the city green and plantation campaign successful.
 Commissioner said that the Trees are very important and he said he believed  the city of   Karachi  needs tree plantation at large scale to counter balance the effects of climate change.

He appreciated the activities being carried out by the CAWS and their  partners working for the improvement of environment in the city ,He invited all  non government organizations  working for the improment of environment in the city .to come forward to promote the plantation campaign.

He said government of sindh was making the world’s largest urban forest at Malir and Liyari River beds,. Planting an urban forest along the rivers will make the  city’s temperature cool down, he added. 

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