Congratulations to Lieutenant General Asif Ghafoor on his appointment as IG Communication & IT – Ikramuddin


Europe:(International Desk) According to the International Global Times Media Report, Ikramuddin, The head of Jazba-e-Itihad Union of Journalists Europe and chief executive of the Global Times Europe newspaper, said that we congratulate Lt. Gen.Asif Ghafoor for his appointment as IG Communications and Information. He said that Lieutenant

He is playing a very important role in the defense of Pakistan which is commendable. President Jazba-e-Itihad Union of journalist Europe

General Asif Ghafoor has always played an important role in protecting the defense borders of the beloved homeland and is doing so. The Pakistani people salute his spirit and bravery, The nefarious intentions of the enemy have always been reduced to dust and he has always defeated the enemy elements which is a source of pride for the country and the people. Lieutenant General Asif Ghafoor’s appointment as IG Communication and Information Technology is a big source of pride for Pak Army. Ikramuddin, Head of the Jazba-e-Ittihad Union of Journalists Europe Organization and chief executive of Global Times Europe News Paper, said in a press statement that God bless Lieutenant General Asif Ghafoor, He wished success to Ghafoor so that he could serve the country, the nation, and the defense frontiers to the best of his ability. Chief Ikramuddin further said that he wished Lieutenant General Asif Ghafoor all the best.

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