Construction work of the Mosque in DMC West

1235 West

KARACHI:(Pir Bux Nnoonari): The importance of time is to make the environment more luminous and generous and environmentally polluted, it is said that the Chairman West District Municipal Corporation Izharuddin Ahmed Khan, accompanied by Municipal Commissioner Waseem Mustafa Soomro continued in the site zones office. While examining the renovation work, the members of the District Council and the local officials were accompanied by the Chairman, while committing the orders to complete the ongoing work in progress, saying that renovation works were in this manner. To complete the problem, feel comfortable people coming to the problem Briefing about the works done by Director Parks’ renovation, he said that to make the environment elegant, natives should be used to make available available resources for planting new types and planting the available available land. Later, the chairman inspected the construction work of the Masjid-e-Masjid office and ordered the local officials present on the occasion, saying that the completion of the construction work of the mosque should be done as soon as there is no mosque. Only employees and the local area also have to go far away to pay for the prayer Therefore, there should be special consideration in the construction of a mosque that specialists from the area as well as area makers could be able to pay the prayers for the occasion. Engineer on the occasion, briefing about the construction work of the mosque, said that the completion of construction work Getting access to all available resources. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address < & WhatsApp +923132434567)