Covid-19 testing carries out in edu institutes to tackle Omicron spread

156 testing carries out in edu institutes

ISLAMABAD, (APP): The COVID-19 testing in educational institutes on Friday was carried out in major Omicron hit cities to ascertain disease spread among students and ensure accurate disease mapping.

According to NCOC, the data suggested a strong correlation between vaccination levels and infection rates in various cities.

It has therefore been decided that aggressive testing will be done in educational institutes for the next two weeks especially in high disease prevalence cities.

The educational institutions/premises/sections / specific classes with high positivity to be closed for “one week”. The provincial administration in consultation with district health, education authorities, and school administrations to set a threshold of cases for deciding such closures.

NCOC also directed federating units to carry out special vaccination drives in schools to ensure 100 % vaccination of students over 12 years of age.

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