Cries From Every Nook & Corner Of The World…

165 in Michigan

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Cries From Every Nook & Corner Of The World…
Brave Patriots In Michigan Chanting Slogans Against Derail PTI Govt… in Michigan 1

Dearborn, USA;
In the wake of toppling the elected government of Imran Khan in Pakistan, the city of Wayne County USA, State of Michigan on Monday saw a heavy protest by PTI workers.
The Head of the Dearborn PTI Chapter, Syed Akhlaq Hussain said that derailing of IKs elected government is a blow to democracy. in Michigan 2

Today, no one dared to confront conspiracies played by superpowers in the history of Pakistan but Imran stood lone against the integrity of a free nation.
He said that IK as of today is an Icon of Pakistan and we will continue to support him forever. in Michigan 3

Abid Khan in his address said Imran was and is the defender of the souvergnity of Pakistan as he never surrendered in his carrier and while running the nation he will never surrender to such pathetic criminal act and will continue his journey to take over the Country for its souvergnity of an independent and a free state. in Michigan 4

Others including Muzammil Malik and Naveed Ashraf stated that Imran is a man who has never buckled under any pressure in the time of crisis as millions of patriot Pakistanis across the world and in Pakistan are in his support. 

Meanwhile, protests continued across the US, Europe, and Asia. (by/Salman Khan Sahabzada)

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