Deputy Commissioner District West


Karachi (Pir Bux Noonari): Regarding Karachi Shabrat Barat, Karachi Water Board Sewage Board Asadullah Khan and Deputy Commissioner District West Zahid Hussein Memon directed water supply through water board tanker to direct water to Masjid Imam Baraga Bukhlo Cemetery. Under the water plant’s hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic project, the work was carried out and worked hard with the effort and effort to perform its work well The tanker supply was completed in the cemetery, which has not received any complaints from the people anywhere. The people thanked MD Water Board and District, the Deputy Commissioner West Zahid Hussein Memon on the completion of the work of water supply in Shabrat Burat. When the water was brought to the cemetery, the people thanked Amani No. 16 Ghaziabad Aurangi Town Chairman Mohammad Naeem Khan.